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How to spot a shady SEO Company?

Most people who own a website are working with an SEO company to help them improve their search engine ranking and get more visitors to your website. There are hundreds of companies out there who are willing and able to help you with this process. Because there is such high competition in this industry, it is not uncommon to find some companies are using non-regulated ways to get your ranking a bit higher. If you are not an SEO specialist, it may be challenging for you to understand who is trying to deceive you in this area and who is being honest.

Below are the top signs that an SEO company is a shady company, and one that you should not consider working with.

  • Free Trials. There are a few companies out there who promise free trials to prove how good there are. All you have to do is hand over your passwords and access information. You should never accept a free trial from a company because they will be able to access the back end of your website and you won’t be able to stop them!

  • Lofty Promises. Because there is such competition in the industry these days, many companies have to promise incredibly high returns to attract customers. If an SEO company promises that you will be ranked on the top page, this is definitely a red flag. This kind of thing doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a lot of time and dedication and even then, it is not guaranteed. If any company is promising you this, it is likely because they are using shady methods.

  • Link Building. If the company that you are looking into promises you thousands of links to your site, be weary of this. Too many links in a short period of time is a bad thing and a search engine will likely mark you as spam (which is very difficult to recover from).

  • Submissions to Search Engines. A lot of companies now will promise that you will be submitted to a boat load of search engines. There is no point in this because likely the majority of your desired customers will not even use these. Focus on a few search engines only that your customers will use.

  • They avoid your questions. As with any hiring, you should feel free to ask an SEO company anything before you commit. A red flag in this scenario is when they avoid answering your questions. There is no reason they shouldn’t give you examples of past work, and they should be open about their past experience.

These are the top ways to tell if an SEO company is shady. Get your detective glasses on because you don’t want to be working with a dishonourable company.