Week 26 of Kindergarten


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Sight Words

List 1 - the, of, and, a, to
List 2 - in, is, you, that, it

List 3 - he, was, for, on, are
List 4 : as, with , his, they, I
List 5: at, be, this, have, from

List 6: or, one, had, by, words

List 7: but, not, what, all, were
List 8: we, when, your, can, said
List 9: there, use, an, each, which
List 10: she, do, how, their, if
List 11: will, up, other, about, out
List 12: many, then , them , these, so
List 13: some, her, would, make, like
List 14: him, into, time, has, look - Test will be next Friday, March 10th
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Feb 27 - March 3rd

Superkid: Hot Rod

Print & Awareness

Identify capital and lowercase Hh

Visually discriminate between sentences

Phonemic Awareness and Phonics
-Identify initial Hh with /h/

Identify rhyming words
blend sounds to decode words

Discuss car parts, things with wheels, and racing


Generate questions and draw conclusions

Recognize plot: Problem and solution

-Read with natural phrasing

Speak as a story character

-Handwriting form Hh

-Expressive Writing: Dictate a list, stories, and captions

- Encode letters for sounds and encode words

Listening and Speaking
Discuss sharing


Chapter 5: Addition

Rules of Number Sentences
As children first learn to read and write addition number sentences, it is important that they know a few basic rules about addition sentences:
1. It must have a plus sign (+)
2. It must have an equal sign (=)
3. The number (or numbers) on one side of the equal sign must have the same value as the number (or numbers) on the other side of the equal sign.


Unit 5: Day vs Night


We will begin our Lenten Journey together as a class on Wednesday. Students will each have a "Lenten Good Deeds Chart". Each time Mrs. Ivette or myself witness a student doing a good deed, they are able to fill in their worksheet. Our goal is to have our stain glass windows full by the end of Lent.

Important Reminders

Wednesday, March 1st: Mass 8am. Ash Wednesday
Friday, March 3rd: We will be celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday with fun activities
Friday, March 17th: No school