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Week of April 11th

SEES Country Fair! April 15th and 16th

This year San Elijo Elementary School 2016 Country Fair will take place on Friday and Saturday!!! The rides will be better than ever, and, on Friday night, there will be a live band!

Country Fair is this coming weekend, and with your help, it will turn into our best fundraiser yet!! We still need quite a few volunteer spots filled. Please sign up to help to make this the best fair ever!

Our class booth is the Button Making Booth. I will be there all day and I just need 1 or two other helpers middle school or up to help kids make their own design into a pinback button. It is super easy and fun! Right now, I think it's me, by myself. from 1:00 on.

Your student is welcome to help with you during your shift at our booth. The sign up is

If you don't want to make buttons, please check out the other great ways you can volunteer.

Funds raised at the Country Fair support Science Lab, Music, Art, Drama, PE Equipment, Eagle Play, Library Books, and so much more!

Note and Reminders

  • Apr. 8th - AR Cut Off
  • Apr. 12th - Spring Picture Day: 2nd - 5th
  • Apr. 15th - 16th - SEES Country Fair - 2 Days!
  • May 4th - Living History Museum
  • May 7th - Global Codeathon
  • May 13th - Virtual Visit with author Kate DiCamillo
  • June 6th - June 10th - 3rd Grade State Testing - Link to Resources

Please click here to access our full calendar

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Living History Museum

What is the living museum project you ask?

Your child will research and read about a significant figure in American History. This will be a guided project that will be completed in class. Students will use resources to gather information. Upon completion of gathering their information, students will turn their notes into a 2-3 minute speech about the person they chose.

What do you need to know?

On Wednesday, May 4th students need to come to school prepared to give their speech as their Hero. Students must have one prop or article of clothing to represent their Hero. A full costume is optional. The 3rd grade museum will be open for all to view from 8:45 – 10:50.

If you would like to send in resources from home or local libraries with your student to use in class, that would be greatly appreciated.

We are excited about this enriching project and hope to see you at the Museum on May 4th!

Global Codeathon at SEES!

Global Codeathon Info

A Coding Workshop for 2nd-5th Grade Students

May 7th 2016

9:30am to 12:00pm @ the San Elijo Elementary Library

Scratch Day with the Global Codeathon is a global network of events that celebrates Scratch — and the young people who code and create with it. During Scratch Day, kids gather to share projects and learn from one another.

Register your child at to receive a copy of the permission slip.

The Count Down till Computers are Gone

Officially, 5th grade will start testing the week of May 9th so our chromebooks will be gone from then until our turn for the state tests the week of June 6th. We will also have limited access the week of May 2nd while 3rd and 4th grade classes take some time to review the practice tests.

We will continue to have access to our 7 class ipads (thanks to parent donations and Donor's Choose) and will most likely have two laptops also. If you are able to have your student bring in a device for their personal use, please see the info below. We will need the Permission Form filled and submitted to the principal.

Students bringing in personal devices will be asked to bring them directly to class and not leave them unattended outside in backpacks. We will keep them in class and send home each day for charging. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Journey North - Mystery Class

Our last clues came in on Friday. Even though we had a substitute teacher, I was able to come in for a little while to make sure the students had the clues.

Teams researched on their own for the afternoon and are getting very close. Mystery Class #4 and #7 think they have the answer. We have till the 22nd to confirm and submit our answers.

Last clue for Mystery Class #4

"Whether we're truly on the bank of a river, the shore of a lake, or the end of a lagoon, there's no question that our city is a large, bustling, joyful, and international freshwater harbor. Our city was settled by a somewhat small number of couples from a group of Atlantic islands, and those couples are honored by this public sculpture in our city."

Class Donations Wish List

Ongoing needs and wishes