Team Austin 1A

November 16, 2015

Janell Thach

Language Arts

Interactive read alouds:

Scaredy Squirrel

Turkey Trouble

Shared reading:

The Mayflower poem (didn't get to this last week!)

Reader's Workshop

Writer's Workshop:

*writing process: using a circle map to write a complete expository piece with opening sentence and closing (modeled/shared writing)

Word Work: short vowel review work / high frequency word review

There will not be a test this week.

Handwriting: lower case letters z, name practice


*use place value to compare whole numbers up to 120 using comparative language (greater than, less than, more than, less than, same as, equal to)

*representing the comparison of two numbers to 100 by using the symbols >. < and =

*order numbers using an open number line

*"Making Ten" - combinations for 10


Social Studies / Science


*life of Wampanoag Native American

PTO sponsored presentation by "Nancy and Friends" (assembly)


Thank you so much to everyone that sent in items for our Plymouth Village project. We SO appreciate it! They had a BLAST creating everything and did such a good job working together. No complaints and lots of team work. Such a delightful morning watching their creativity shine!

Our Veteran's Day ceremony was very moving again this year. Several of our boys participate with the Boy Scouts as part of the flag ceremony. Our class did a great job showing respect during the assembly. So proud of them!

It looks like we will have a big turn out for the Thanksgiving feast on Wednesday. Don't forget how crowded the parking lot can get and give yourself an extra 5 minutes to park and check in. You don't want to have to rush eating that delicious feast!

We have had a few people out this past week with various illnesses. I'm promoting GOOD hand washing all the time. Everyone seems a little run down. Hopefully we can get everyone well this week so you can all enjoy your WEEK OFF next week!

We would like to thank the PTO for their absolutely delicious Bluebell ice cream sundae party. We won this for being the class that had the most individual people bring in Box Tops. We appreciate all donations of the specially marked Box Top pieces. If you send them in, please put them in a baggie or envelope marked with your child's name and 1A so they can receive credit. No amount of Box Tops is too small. I even have one of my friends collecting for us!