Charmed Impressions

August 7th, 2013

July Recognition, Hoopla Recap, Booking Bonus & More...

Happy August Ladies!

I hope that you all had a wonderful July and are enjoying these lazy summer days with your families! I returned from Hoopla and jumped right into a series of 4 trunk shows at the end of the month. The new line, combined with our new "Dottie" app, led to fantastic sales at these shows. The pop up "trunk show exclusives" page probably doubled what I used to sell for these exclusives in the past. If you don't own an iPad I encourage you to invest in one. I probably made an extra $200 in commissions over these shows just by adding the exclusives and finishing the look with earrings suggested by "Dottie". It's worth the upfront investment. Imagine our holiday sales using this new tool!

July Kudos to....
Before we get into more of what's going on in August, let's recognize our amazing teammates who sponsored, sold and shared the style on the go!

Jackie Glasscock not only sold almost $3000, she also sponsored her first stylist!!! Jackie, you are amazing! Congratulations!! You are are rocking your jumpstart lady! I can't wait to see what's next for you. :)

Tami Solomon didn't let her summer travels slow her down! She packed up her jewels, traveled to visit friends and family in California, and sold over $1600!! Fantastic Tami! You have hit on one of my summer success secrets... have jewels, will travel! Way to go!

Stephanie Fahmy also had a fantastic July, sharing style on the go and reaching out to friends and family in New Jersey as she vacationed. She sold just under $1500 for the month! Congratulations Stephanie!

Our other top sellers who qualified in July by selling over $500 were:
Meg Fonteccio -$809
Holly Henderson-$684
Amy Heidke-$657
Adrienne Bonds -$517

Congratulations on earning those free business supplies and getting one month closer to your consistency bonus in October!

August Booking Bonus!
Now that July behind us, and we are looking at August and beyond, take a peek at your Trunk Show calendar. Does it look the way mine does? I am at two shows for the month! Yikes. I'd really like to book and hold two more this month and have 3 more lined up for September (I have 1 on the books now). Is anyone else in the same boat? How about a little incentive for all of us to get us out there booking some trunk shows this month? Starting right now... every NEW trunk show that you enter into the system is going to earn you a package of mini look books AND enter you into a drawing for a box of 60 full sized look books + a $50 gift card (maybe for a manicure to take care of those tired fingers after making those calls!). And finally, the teammate who books the most shows will receive a Stella & Dot card swiper to use with Dottie! To be entered your new trunk shows need to be in your system between today, August 7th and Sunday, August 11th. Then post on our Charmed Impressions Facebook page - email me if you aren't a Facebook person - with the date and the hostess. Let's get booking girls and some trunk shows on our calendars! :)

Welcome New Charmed Impressions!
Please give a warm welcome to two new team members! Darcy Hala joins us from Eden Prairie, Minnesota! I met Darcy at an event in Canton MA that my friend was running. "Pooch-a-Paloza" Darcy was there with Target, one of the corporate sponsors and fell in love with the jewels. Darcy, I know you are going to have a blast with this business. With all of your contacts, the sky is the limit!! And congratulations to Andrea Hansen from Chandler, Texas who is the first member of Jackie's team! Welcome Andrea! Jackie is a total go getter and is going to be a fabulous mentor for you! I can't wait to see your business grow!

And finally, I want to send all of you a big THANK YOU for being a part of our team! Together, last month, we officially became a Heart of Leadership Star Team!! It's not an easy feat, so congratulations to each one of you, as you collectively helped us get there! Thank you!! Now, let's keep up the momentum into Fall! Shoot to qualify in August, go for one of the gorgeous hostess exclusive styles with the Rock Your Summer Challenge (, earn those free business supplies, get that $100 consistency bonus, and have fun sharing the style with your friends and family as you enjoy these last lazy days of summer!

I am in Maine... with horrible cell coverage - so if you need to reach me, email is the best way to do it! I am back in Massachusetts after the 17th, and will be back in the land of technology so I can communicate with you all much easier! :)

Wishing you all a happy August and much summer success!


Hoopla - Bringing a little Joy de Vivre home!

I want to give a very special shout out to our Charmed Impressions team who came all the way to Las Vegas last month to attend Hoopla!! Holly Henderson, Adrienne Bonds, Tye Moore, and Amy Heidke all got to see the new Fall Collection in person, hear about the future of Stella & Dot from Jessica, see Danielle dressed as a show girl & Elvis, dance on a rooftop nightclub, and collect a ton of swag! Oh, and there was some fabulous training in there too. :) Below are some of the take aways from your teammates:

From Adrienne:

What a great and inspiring trip. I would first encourage everyone to start planning for next year. Aside from the entry fee it was not that expensive of a trip!

The biggest thing that stuck with me is: get out of your own way!!! This really hits home here. I can make excuses for everything! Stop making excuse and putting words in others mouth and just do it! Ask, share and watch yourself grow!

Focus on opportunity and success instead of challenges and negatives.

Customer service is key. ESP after the sell!

Try not to get overwhelmed. Take things one step at a time. And make quitting not an option!

From Holly:

Having confidence in yourself and the courage to push yourself is sometimes the most difficult part of this (or any) job. Once you understand that, everything else is easy!

The other tip that really resonated with me was at one of the training sessions I attended. The training was all about how to have Lifetime Customers. Here are my take-a-ways from it:

  • You should focus more of your energy on current customers than future customers, partially because commerce is growing at over 100% a year.
  • Customers will be repeat customers for several reasons (including seasonal updates, impulse buys, special events, gifts, etc.)
  • It is important to form a relationship with each guest at your trunk show so it's not "weird" when you follow-up with them a week later.
  • Send a monthly email to your customers….just something quick and fun, no need to be fancy. Let them know about current specials, trends, etc.
  • Ask your guests if they are on FB and add them as friends.
  • Host a semi-annual VIP Sample Sale for your best customers, and tell each one to bring a friend.

From Amy:

I had a great time @ Hoopla! Here are some takeaway tips:

"Success is happiness"

"This is the beginning of anything you want"

"A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That's why they don't get what they want." (Madonna)

"Believe in yourself"

Set a goal and break it down step by step. Tell everyone about it!

"Real courage is doing something you're not good at."

"What you talk about comes about."

Decide not to be afraid. Eliminate the option of not believing in yourself.

3 trends to talk about during your "group hello":

Color - red, cobalt, peacock, animal prints

Mae necklace - Red pop of color to wear with solids, prints or stripes

Add the 2 other necklaces (Somervell & Christina)

Buy 1 necklace tonight, get the other 2 for free when you host your trunk show. Texture- is the new neutral

Sutton necklace - wear 5 ways, transforms long or short, clips off

Versatility - pendants are hot trend, wear long or short, gold or silver

From Tye:

One tip that I learned was that I need to greet every guest at the door, touch them, talk to them (ask them how they know the hostess so that I try to book trunk shows for friends rather than just family), give book and send them to the table.

My favorite moments from Hoopla were the Fashion Show and anytime that Danielle spoke! She is full of good info (along with some BS) and presents it in an awesome way.