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If you're here because you're the kind of result you get from vimax, want to know if they try, then you are at right place. The time you wait to see the results when you use vimax varies from individual to individual. The reason I say this is because we are two people who have used Vimax, but the results we obtained were, are different. I gained about 3 inches from its use, while my friend has won only 2 cm. This is because the system of all, it does not work the same way.

The manufacturer claims that Vimax Singapore should expect to see real results, to use their products from 1 month to 12 months. What this really means is that you can so on and so on to get results after a month, two months, three months, four months, five or six months. The results vary from person to person. A person who has had Vimax can get the result after 2 months, while person B who had Vimax Pills Singapore results after 4 months can be achieved when both are taken simultaneously.

I was looking for a way to look at the size of my penis to increase in length and width. It took about six months to save up to 3 inches. I gained up to 3 inches after I took over a period of 6 months. I took 2 pills Vimax everyday, before I could get this increase.

Another result was that I got with my vimax penis is thicker and I usually do not like to have an erection. First, my erection has not been as difficult as in the past, until I took vimax. The third episode I had to use vimax is that it allowed me to quickly overcome premature ejaculation. I usually last longer in bed with my partner because of premature ejaculation. During the second month of use vimax, I noticed that I could stay up to 20 minutes with my partner, control my ejaculation. It was the second result I. Vimax that made me happy

With regard to the final result, they claim that I get, even after I stopped in vimax, I'm still checking the size of my penis, if it goes back to its original size. It is up to 2 months since my cards Vimax been done, but I ordered more.