Please Stop Laughing at Me

by, Miranda Ackley

100 summary

Please Stop Laughing at Me is about a young girl named Jodee Blanco that was an outcast, she got bullied a lot, and physically bullied too. She had a very nice mom but , did not know what to do. She always tried fitting in. She did what all the other popular people were doing but it never seemed to work. The reason why people started bullying her was because in 5th grade she helped the special needs so all of her so called "friends" went against her. after that her parents thought it would help if they move her to a different school, but it didn't, She stopped eating and caring about everything. She soon started becoming friends with this girl Annie who use to get bullied. On her senior year she had a bunch of people sign her year book she had a crush on this guy since middle school and she asked him to sign her year book and he wrote a horrible thing and ran out of the school and that was her last day of high school.

About Jodee Blanco

Jodee Blanco was born in 1964. Jodee Blanco ever wanted was to fit in. She is a survivor of bullying. She wrote about her getting bullied in a journal then turned it into a book. Since she made "Please Stop Laughing at Me" it has saved many lives of teens. She had an amazing mother that cared about her a lot and tried everything to make Jodee happy but it never seemed to work.

The conflict

The conflict is character vs. Society because Jodee was getting bullied by everyone in her school they kicked her, said mean things to her. her suppose to be "friends" turned against her, and no body liked her.


"Stay strong because things will get better it may rain now, but it wont rain forever"

I picked that theme because Jodee was getting bullied in the past know shes going all around the world talking to people about her past. She is a very strong women for doing what he has done.

Book Review

I would rate this book a 4 because i dont like reading. But, besides that I liked the book because it can help teens all around the world over come bullying, and helps them that all the things people say about them does not matter what they say because they are worth way more than a couple of hurting words
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