LV Technology

By: Jackson Odea

Typing Web

* Every class we warm up by typing on a program called for five minutes.

* I can tell that my typing improved from the beginning of the year.

* In my opinion typing is very fun.


* In this we had to choose something we were looking forward to doing.

* We had use an app called imovie.

* You could present if you wanted to.

Haiku Deck

* First we had to think about our dream job.

* The program that we used was called Haiku Deck.

* We had to do at least ten slides.

Explain Everything

* First we had to pick one out of ten questions.

* Then we had to solve the question.

* Finally we had to record our voice.

Career Locker

* In this unit we used a program called Career Locker

* Your counselor will teach this unit.

* We used this program to look at collages, jobs, etc


* We used a program called

* In order to get a three you needed to get passed the seventh course.

* In my opinion this is the most fun course.