The Neolithic Revolution

Andrew Gutierrez

why, where, and when

10,000 years ago there was a revolution. A revolution is a wide spread Chang of life.a major Chang that occurred in the neolithic age was that humans stopped hunting and began farming .this revolution did not happened quickly it happen over 1,000 years ago. nomadic people lived moving and moving following animals.migration is the seasonal movement of animals from one region to another. the fertile crescent allowed humans to settle down by providing plants, plenty of animal to eat, water, and protection.not all humans settle down in regions some continued to be nomadic.the first fertile crescent settlement appeared from 11-14000 years ago.humans All sow spreaded out in china, Egypt , Peru, mexico and India.the connection between farming and civilization was that wen farming expanded sow did civilization.

the first crops

as humans traveled further north humans gathered food from wild plants to survive.The resin why they moved was because there resources ran out.the word cultivate means to preper land to plant crops fore example i cultivated a land flied with trash to plant watermelon and corn.the reason why people settled in one place was that they had better control of there food supplies. what caused humans to find new ways to produce food was not having enof wild archaeologists bileved that women were the first to plant crops because they started to notes patterns in wild plants.the mans job was to hunt animals for food.not every human stopped hunting/gathering and began to farm because farming was a trail and error sow some keep hunting.2 innvation that helped crops grow was fertilizer and base manure.

first farming animals

did you now that the first animal to be domesticated by humans were dogs which were descended by wolves. dogs were first used fore protection trades and hunting animals.animals have den domesticated by humans for 10,000 years ago humans herd and pastured animals by trading those animals to rich food and Capet the herded nerds near humans settlement. the goats and sheep's were the first to be domesticated by humans to because they were small and easier to domesticate and provide tood wool hids milk and manure.humans also domesticated cows like sheep's. the beast of bearten is a strong animal that can pull and Cary stuff. deseses were a problem to domesticated animals because it spreed from animals population to humans. paragraph 3 is that domestication altered changed the conditions humans needed to survive . instead of hunting and gathering people could farm and raise animals and produce a surplus of food domestication helped to set the stage for the growth of could grow more food because animals could work faster and longer.