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January 2020

Southern Lakes Anthology

By: Julia

As we all know, Northside participates in activity called the Southern Lakes Anthology. But one thing you may not know is that it has been happening for 30 years and over 49 different school districts. In the Southern Lakes Anthology there are 24 entries that are entered in the final round of judging from Milton. There are 16 from Northside and 8 from 3rd and 7th grade.

You may ask how do find out who the finalists are? Well it is a lengthy process. It starts with 50 judges, and they split into teams of four and there is one team per topic.

The winners at Northside are...

4th Grade:



5th Grade:




6th Grade:

Emma & Shianna




You can read their entries below! Congrats to you if you won and for everyone who entered something and didn’t win, the next opportunity is next year, but trust me, it’s worth the wait.

Delta Kappa Gamma

By: Hailey, Lilly, & Kaia

Delta Kappa Gamma is a writing contest similar to Anthology, but instead of a page limit you have a word limit of 1,000 words. You also have to draw a picture, bind your story’s pages, and you are judged on your creativity of your drawing, binding, and cover. You are also judged on your story flow, structure, lead, and the ending.

All entries receive a certificate and ribbon, first place gets a trophy and fifty dollars, second place gets a trophy and thirty dollars, third gets a trophy and twenty dollars, and finally, if you get an honorable mention, you get a trophy and ten dollars.

The participants in Delta Kappa Gamma are all in 6th grade this year, and they are Hailey (Nelson), Kaia (Kraavanger), and Lilly (Loshing). Mrs Jacobson is the coordinator of Delta Kappa Gamma, and submits them to the Delta Kappa Gamma society or local chapter.

After judging, up to ten of the local chapter winners are sent to the state level. The books are judged again. These books also being judged for illustrations. Illustrations are judged for their originality, appropriateness to text, continuity throughout the story, creative use of art media and techniques, cover design and neatness. Winning books are displayed at the Spring Wisconsin State Organization Convention. Top winners are invited to the convention luncheon and asked to read their books to the Delta Kappa Gamma Members.

Mrs. Jacobson selects entries based on creativity, style, and structure. Mrs Jacobson selected the three girls because she said that “the stories [originally submitted for Anthology] just stopped, out of nowhere.” And later on, she said “I just wanted to read more!" The Delta Kappa Gamma writers meet every Wednesday during lunch.

Art Themed Lunch Chat

On January 22, 5th grade kids came to the LGA for a lunch chat about art. This lunch chat, Kennedy, a sophomore in high school, showed them her drawings and her passion for it. She said that as a kid she loved to draw and as she got older her love for art grew. She has done multiple projects and even did an animal drawing in which she picked a turtle. When asked how long it took to draw the turtle she did for class, she said it took her two weeks and she did it all by herself! Some sort classes that the high school has to offer are Ceramics, Jewelry, Art 1 and Art 2, Photography, and Painting.

Math Meet

By: Jenna & Keira

On January 14th, a group of 5th and 6th graders went to a math meet at UW-Whitewater. They participated in five different events, where they had to solve challenging math problems. Then afterwards, they got to eat lunch at Pizza Hut.

There were four 5th graders and four 6th graders that got to participate in this event. They were Jonah, James, Grant, Sydney, Jenna, Kaia, Dawson, and Isaac. In order to be in the math team, they had to take a test. The people with the top four scores in each grade were the people in the math team. The five events were problem solving, consumer math, geometric reasoning, mental math, and team problem solving. In each event, they were given a certain amount of time to solve as many of the questions in the packets that they got as they could. Then, in the team problem solving event, they were given 20 minutes to work as a team to solve the questions.

Afterwards, there was an awards ceremony. There was seven other teams competing against Milton and Milton got 2nd place! Everyone was very excited. That means that they will get to compete in the Mega Meet in Madison in May.

To celebrate their success, they went to Pizza Hut afterwards and got some pizza! While they were there, there was a very nice lady that paid for all of their food. Most people on the math team thought that going to Pizza Hut was the best part. Thanks so much to Mrs. Jacobson and Mrs. W for helping them to do great and for taking them there! Great job to the math team and good luck for the next math meet!

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The School Store

By: Lilly & Layla

What’s school store about? Is about teaching math and life skills to students while getting something for themselves friends, family or teacher. Students learn how to make choices, communicate, count money, responsibility, manners, and ultimately have fun.The School Store is every Tuesday before school. Come on down and get school goodies for under the price of 2 dollars. Some things you might want to purchase are: pencils, notebooks, bookmarks, erasers, crayons, colored pencils, glue, and so much more. All of the money you use to purchase these items goes right back to buy new items.

We have interviewed one of the volunteers, Mrs. Battersby. Mrs. Battersby has been helping Northside for 7 years! She has 3 kids: Jacob (10, 4th grade), Isabel (12, 7th grade) and Hailey (15, 10th grade). She enjoys traveling with her family too! She enjoys doing aerobics with Mrs. Musgrove and Mr. Ide. She’s studying psychology to work like Mrs. Henschler. She enjoys helping the parent group.The parent group is looking for more parents!

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Art News

By: Poppy

Currently Mr. Lawton is working on clay with the sixth graders. They are making Coil Pots, but they will be doing more than just the basics in this art project. They will put designs and features that represent themselves into their artwork making each pot unique. Be yourself and put yourself into this project! Mr. Lawton is doing the clay project with 250 kids. He intends to take a few breaks in between, and do some other mini art projects. After the clay is fired in the kiln, the kids will be painting their masterpieces with acrylic paint. Clay can be messy, so clean up will take a little longer than usual.

Music News

By: Hayden

This month in Mrs. Goff’s music class, 6th grade started learning ukulele. What was learned was strumming, basic chords, and a few songs. Chords that were learned are C7, C, F, and some ways to play G. Songs that were learned were O Christmas Tree, The Banana Boat Song, and Lava (Disney Short). Mrs. Goff has started evaluating students playing song, so the unit will soon be over.

Band and Choir News

By: Lindsey

After the concert we got new music. The is pop music. Pop music are songs that will sound

familiar to you because the play on the radio or are in Disney movies. Some of our pieces are

Eye of the Tiger and Pirates of the Caribbean. Our next concert will be in March.

What it’s like to be a band and choir student. Everyday band and choir starts at 7:45. On day

1,3,5 it’s big band. Big band is when if your in choir too then you will go to band on those days. On day 2,4,6 it’s big choir if your in band and choir then you would come to choir. If you're just in band or choir then you would go to band or choir every day.

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Gym News

By: Hailey and Ben

This new unit in gym is roller skating! A lot of students love roller skating, because they get to go fast, they get a break from sitting, and it is just fun! Another new thing in gym is the Student teacher with the name of Mr. Dodd. Mr. Dodd is training to be a gym teacher, and will be here until April.

Another piece of gym news is the new lunch recess gym program. You turn in 40 SOAR slips on Wednesday through Friday and the program is for 5th and 6th graders. It is 40 for 4 people, 50 for 5, and so on. You can roller skate, play basketball, or do anything else. But, you can't have a take a break at all during the week.

Also, here is a bit about the history of roller skating. Roller-skating was invented in 1735 by John Joseph Merlin, a Belgian who famously introduced his new wheeled shoes at a party in London and promptly crashed into a mirror. (That’s why moms always insist their kids wear helmets when learning how to skate!) Monsieur Petitbled patented the roller-skate in 1819. His skates were inline, with only three wheels and no way to turn! Until James Leonard Plimpton came along. He reinvented the wheel, patenting a four-wheeled roller-skate that let wearers pivot as needed. And, here are some fun facts. The first public skating rink opened in 1866.

Did you know there’s a National Museum of Roller-Skating? It’s in Lincoln, Nebraska?

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Catching Up With Mrs. Hanuska and Mrs. Vicenzi

By: Brinlyn and Emma

Mrs. Hanuska and Mrs. Vicenzi work really hard in the front office! Here are some things we found out about their job and their interests.

Do you like your job?

Hanuska :Yes

Vicenzi: Love it

Why did you want to become a secretary?

Both: To help out kids and there family and anyone who comes in the office

What things do you do at work?

Both: Help kids, parents, and teachers

If you could change anything about your job, what would you do?

Both: Nothing our job is very fun and we love helping out all the kids and teachers and families

Do you have any pets?

Vicenzi: A dog

Hanuska: 1 dog 5 cats

What’s your favorite movie?

Hanuska: Pirates of the Caribbean

Vincenzi: Steal Magnolia

Do you have anything else you would like Northside students to know?

Hanuska: I live in Milton and have five kids.

Vicenzi: Do what your teacher asks you to do.

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Classroom Spotlights

Mr. Kleist and Mrs. Smith's Class

Our fourth grade has been busy learning about and creating literary essays after reading short texts. We have been focusing on reading texts that help us create a thesis, as well as reasons with evidence and text evidence. We have been working hard on using proper structure, as well as transitions, organization, and elaboration. We are really enjoying this writing style.

In reading classes we are deep into our mystery clubs. We are enjoying learning about the many different elements of mystery and trying to help solve the problem by being detectives and searching for text clues.

Our classes also were able to enjoy "Lunch With A Cop" where we enjoyed eating lunch with a police officer and learning about being an upstander! The year 2020 is off to a great start!

Mrs. Gille

Is it Important to Wash Your Hands?

During the cold and flu season we decided to conduct a little experiment. Is hand washing important? We took 5 pieces of white bread and put one untouched in a ziplock bag, this was our control. We then touched one with unwashed hands, one with hands that had used hand sanitizer, one with washed hands, and then for the last piece of bread we wiped in on our iPad screen.

We put the bread in the closet and waited. The results were….well gross. We were so surprised that the bread with the hand sanitizer was so full of mold. Our question was answered. Wash your hands with soap and water if you want to stay healthy this cold and flu season.

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Water Garden

In Mrs. Gille’s class we have been busy learning about different ecosystems in science. One fun thing we did was set a a aquaponic ecosystem water garden in our room. The tank had a fish (George) who produced nutrient-rich waste which was pumped up to our water garden plants. The plants used the fish waste as nutrients to grow. Then the clean filtered water would filter back into the tank for our fish.

Once the plants grew, we harvested them and ate them. Some of the kids enjoyed the radish greens while others, not so much. It was a great learning experience.

Mr. Nelson's Class

Article by: Mr. Nelson's Class

Photos by: Northside News Crew member Grace

This month 5th grade ELA classes got the opportunity to participate in "The Great Debate" in the LGA. Students prepared argument essays on a topic that matters to them. Some of the debatable topics included "Should animals be kept in zoos?, Are extreme sports worth the risk?, and Should the penny be eliminated?" All the students did a wonderful job of presenting their reasons and evidence to back up their positions. It was great to see how each group of students debated their information in a slightly different way. Way to go 5th graders!
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Mrs. Deininger's Class

My sixth grade class (Mrs. Deininger’s) was given an assignment to create brochures on European countries. Before we got started, we learned in class more about some of the main countries and landmarks that lie there. Once we knew some of the main expectations, we were then able to each choose a country that we wanted to research, leading into the start of our projects.

The first thing that we did for our country brochure was research. We researched about the economy, landforms, types of government, natural resources, environmental concerns, and the climate. Once our researching was done, we then filled out our four assignments with our brochure, credits, rough draft, and a sheet with summaries with specific categories. The brochures turned out pretty cool!

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Mrs. Weigel's Class

Book Clubs:

By Ava

One thing Mrs. Weigel’s class is working on is book clubs. There are about 2 to 3 people in a group and every club gets to pick a book based on their interests in genre. The groups are reading about 30 minutes or more every night, and some groups have already finished. As you can see below, the kids are enjoying it very much.

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Classroom Library

Kaylynn and Madison

In our classroom we have a wide variety of books, which has benefited our education.

“It’s full of wonderful books,”says Delaney.

“I always find a perfect fit,” says Delilah.

There’s comfy seating and multiple genres to choose from, and every book is put back in its spot so it’s easy to tell what genre your looking at.

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Literary Essays

By Chesney

Right now in writing we are working on literary essays. Literary essays are your traditional 5 paragraph essays. In our literary essay unit, there are 3 bends. Bend 1 was about character, bend 2 (which we are on right now) is about theme, and bend 3 which is going to be about comparing and contrasting.

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Potato pancakes & Dreidel

By Delilah

In Mrs. Weigel’s 6th grade class, on December 19th, 2019, the entire class got together in groups to celebrate the Jewish holiday Hanukkah because they had read holocaust books. One of them being the book Friedrich. In the book Friedrich, the main character Freidrich is a Jewish boy living during World War II and faces many problems. One of them being friends with a German boy. In the book the German boy and Freidrich make potato pancakes, so that’s what this class did. On that day the entire class made potato pancakes and played the traditional Jewish game, Dreidel. The class had very much fun and still have fun just talking about it.
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Upcoming Events

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