freshman year

Olivia Rich


Hi, i'm Olivia Rich and this is to help you get through your first year of high school English class. Mrs. Allen is one of the best teachers you'll have. To get through you need to know a few things. You need to keep your binder organized, you need to read the books you receive on time, and have fun with the class.


In here you do many fun, but educational things. For example, you will read and write many things. Divergent is one entertaining book your class will read. The book and how she reads it will make you want to keep reading. Also, Monster is another book that you will read in English 9. This book is nothing one would expect. It is filled with drama and a real life situation. You will also read and write poetry. This was my favorite. You will listen to many spoken word poems and write your own. These poems are really funny to really sad. When you write your own poem it feels like your own and it is a great feeling. You also will have a group project. Your group will read the same book and do many projects together and individually. This sounds hard, but Mrs. Allen makes it fun.

independent reading

When you are assigned your independent reading book you will learn to love it. Reading is not at all my favorite thing to do at all, but Mrs. Allen really makes you focus on reading and how one can really connect with the books you read. Mrs. Allen really loves seeing how you will change and grow as a reader. When you are reading make sure you stay on task everyday. Read a certain number of pages a day because they will add up.


My favorite thing we've done in English was the poetry unit. This happens at the end of the year. This was my favorite part of the year because we had so much freedom on what we wanted the poem to be about. You could write about anything like your pet to your first love.

least favorite

Although Mrs. Allen does a lot of unique things i didn't particularly like the short stories. Short stories were interesting and fun, but compared to the other activities we do it wasn't the best. The stories are still so entertaining and thrilling.


My advice to you coming into English 9 would be to do all your work. You need to pay attention and do everything assigned to you. Follow along in class and know what you are doing. Be ahead!

top 5 things to make Mrs. Allen laugh

Make sure you sing with her in class when she sings. Don't be late to her class. Put your papers in your binder right away. Make sure to do what you have to do. And most important joke around with her.


"The only time you should look back, is to see how far you've come."