Life is like a Jigsaw Puzzle

Life is like a Jigsaw Puzzle Which Can Only Fit Together by Walking on the Path Laid Out by God

As we start the journey of life we have to move on with different phases of our life. So we must start planning accordingly on which specific path to follow to gain instant success and complete God's master plan. Moreover various aspects of life often appear to be puzzle pieces to us and we can only fit the pieces easily by walking on the path laid out by God. As we go through life we gather puzzle pieces and often this makes us to shuffle and reshuffle those puzzles to get a proper answer. Maybe by doing this continuous shuffling we place those mysteries of life in right places and at the end get an answer to each of those which appeared to be a puzzle at one point of life to help complete the puzzle.

Diverse phases of life create lots of puzzles pieces in life. Say for instance, losing your first tooth, your very first day of school, the day when you graduated, your first job, first genuine love, first born child, first new car, first own home, first vacation and so on.We go on adding mysteries to the each day of our lives. But we never succeed to get an answer of those always. I always make an effort to solve those one by one. I learn in the process that patience is the virtue of life and all these diverse experiences makes us more mature to deal with life. Moreover, you start flourishing in life and your life tend to get more meaningful once you start solving the mysteries.

The one rare and special piece of the puzzle that is a mystery to many is the speech delivered by God's prophet. This speech is heard by many as some are searching to solve or figure out God's lifelong master plan. Life's puzzle starts during our tender years when we need parental guidance. The moment we start disobeying our parent we are moving out of the track and loosing pieces to the puzzle. So our main motto should be to regain that lost track and to follow the right path of life.To make sure life's unique puzzles are found and the pieces will fit one should read the Bible and follow God's word.This will enable us to unleash the humanity in us and to know which track to follow in life so that all the final pieces of the puzzles in life can be sorted out easily and fit together.

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