WCS Community Stakeholder Bulletin

Fall 2022

Dear WCS Stakeholder,

This quarterly newsletter is great place to find out what is going on within the Warsaw School's strategic plan and how you can get involved!

Recently, the WCS Strategic Planning pillar teams were participated in the annual Strategic Plan Retreat and have been working hard planning the 2022-23 strategic planning initiatives. Pillar team's updates can be found below.

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Warsaw Community Schools held our annual Strategic Planning session with members from each of our pillar teams: Adaptability, Inclusivity, Experience, and Empathy.

Attendees included WCS staff, students, parents, and community members. The full-day retreat provided updates from the 2021-22 school year, results of 2022 strategic planning feedback, and time dedicated to planning out the 2022-23 strategic planning initiatives.

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Pillar Team Updates

Pillar teams meet monthly to continue making progress on their implementation plans.

Updates, celebrations, and roadblocks will be shared through this quarterly newsletter to keep internal and external stakeholders informed.

Stay tuned for the exciting work ahead!

Empathy Pillar: Updates and Stories of Impact

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Join Sheila Howe, Director of Human Resources for Warsaw Community Schools, along with her team, and co-leader, Mandy Bailey, to hear how excited they are to share the WCS Empathy Pillar, one part of our Strategic Plan. Sheila explains, "Our mission is a living and active part of what we do every day. We believe:
  • Our students will compassionately consider the lives of others;
  • They will acknowledge others’ feelings, emotions, and experiences as valuable

As a result, all individuals will be able to understand, relate, and/or be moved to action by experiences and perspectives outside their own. What we know to be true, & research confirms, is that higher levels of empathy make people more productive in cooperative learning & work environments. Empathy education boosts academic success.

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Adaptability Pillar: Updates and Stories of Impact

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Dr. David Robertson, Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Schools, along with Michele White, Athletic Director and Assistant Principal for Lakeview Middle School, leads a team of school and community members to move the mission forward with a focus on ADAPTABILITY.

Learn more about the Dream Unit in our kindergarten classes, courses and extracurricular opportunities in our middle schools, the Personal Finance class at WCHS, and our Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Program at Leesburg & Eisenhower.

Dr. David Robertson explains how these examples help our students grow, develop grit, learn to adapt, and gain lifelong problem-solving skills.

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Tiger Tuesday: Adaptability - August 30, 2022

Inclusivity Pillar: Updates and Stories of Impact

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Join Dr. Dani Barkey, Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education, and Kelly Meeks, K-12 EL Coordinator, to hear more about the WCS Inclusivity Pillar, one part of our Strategic Plan.

"Our students will thrive academically and socially in a sustainable culture of belonging and empowerment. Members of Warsaw Community Schools will recognize and honor each other as we celebrate our unique, diverse experiences."

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Tiger Tuesday: Inclusivity - October 11, 2022

Experience Pillar: Updates and Stories of Impact

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Join Ben Barkey, Director of WACC/ Principal, and April Fitterling, Chief Financial Officer, to hear more about the WCS Experience Pillar, one part of our Strategic Plan.

"Through experiences both inside and outside of the Warsaw community, our students will gain applied skills to confidently pursue goals and successfully advance in their focused pathway. "

The goals are:

  • Connect Students with Professionals
  • Create a Progression of Work-Based Learning
  • Create Transparency with Pathway Portfolios
  • Create Incentives for Students to Pursue Opportunities

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Tiger Tuesday: Experience September 27, 2022
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Warsaw Community Schools

Our mission is to inspire and equip all students to continuously acquire and apply knowledge and skills while pursuing their dreams and enriching the lives of others.