The Brotherband Chronicles

John Flanagen


Hal lives in a viking like society, so the better you hit someone with an axe the more popular you are. Hal lost his father in battle and had no one to raise him to be a worrier.

Before Hal's father died he told his best friend to help him Hal and be a father figure to him.

Emotion Experienced

The emotion i experienced while reading this book was excitement and fast pasted reading.


A band of boys that no one wants for there lake of skill come together to face there hardest challenge, the brother band training. If they don't complete the training the will be socially shunned.

Who would want to read this book

People who would like to read this book I think wold be people who like sailing and/or viking history.

Text from the book

Wolfwind emerged from the predawn sea mist like a wraith slowly taking physical form. With her sail furled and the yardarm lowered to the deck, and propelled by only fore of her ores, the wolfship gilded slowly toward the beach. Page 03