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Bay Shore MS's Practitioner's Guide on What Matters Most!

We Believe...

Children are our most precious commodity and the holders of our future. To see them reach their full potential - we commit to our continuous learning and the learning of our students so that each learning activity is engaging, culturally responsive, and prepares them for their futures.

September Faculty Meeting - September 1, 2015

Welcome back!

Goals for 2015-2016

"What I've come to realize is that change is inevitable, growth is optional."

- John Maxwell

Monday Message

Welcome back!

Good Morning MS Family,

It's hard to believe that we're welcoming our students back into the building. It's been a great summer and hopefully you've each found a way to explore all that the world has to offer. This is going to be an exciting learn filled year!

There's so much to talk about as we prepare for the year. So that our students continue to receive the best experience our middle school has to offer, we'll continue implementing practices started previously:

- Student Engagement

- Learning Targets

- Technology Integration

This year, we'll also deepen our understanding of the Growth Mindset and how it impacts student performance. Below is a poem that sums up how our thinking influences everything we do. Together we'll help our students to see that they can do it. Our children will achieve dreams they never imagined possible - and that will be because of you! One word can make the difference in how a child feels about him/herself. One action can empower a child or tear a child apart. We have a power unknown to even ourselves. Let's use that to touch the lives of EVERY child in our MS family.

Change Your Thinking

When You Change Your Thinking

you change your beliefs;

When you change your beliefs,

you change your expectations;

When you change your expectations,

you change your attitude;

When you change your attitude,

you change your behavior;

When you change your behavior,

you change your performance;

When you change your performance,


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