Pay it Forward

By: Paul Bruns

Has anyone ever opened the door for you or helped you just for the sake of it? That is a random act of kindness! Well, have you ever heard of pay it forward ? It is this program that is trying to have someone do something nice and then the person who got the good deed will do something nice for someone else.

Now you know what Pay it Forward is and now I will tell you what I tried to get Pay it Forward started. First I taught my brother how to do a layup properly because he signed up for YMCA basketball and he wants to score a lot of points and you can get a lot of points off of layups. Layups are also very easy to make once you get the hang of it! Now I just hope my brother learned how to do them and will make a lot of layups in the YMCA games!

Next, I wrote 7 nice emails to my family members. I think they really liked it because I nice emails back from the people who I sent nice emails to! I encourager other elementary kids because I think sending nice emails to people is a good way for kids to pay it forward and you can save emails for ever if you want to and when you you a angry or made you read the email if get a nice. You also have a school email if you go to Clear Creek so you will have an email if you need one!

Finally I donated a toy that I did not use because I thought about all the kids that did not have toy in the world and I thought that just one toy would make a kids day and I hope that kid that got the toy would pay it forward. Know you know what I did to Pay it Forward so now it is your turn.

I hope you enjoyed the story, but more importantly I hope that every time someone does something nice for you, I hope you do something nice for someone else and pay it forward! If everyone did that in Clear Lake, it would be an even nicer place. I challenge all the Clear Lake citizens to pay it forward every time someone does something nice to you!

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