Ender's Game

By: Anna Darden

Andrew Wiggin is just a lost six year old that has a hateful brother and a sister that is the complete opposite. Just when he is finally finding his place, he gets recruited to the all glorious battle school, where the next great commander will be trained to save the entirety of the world from the buggers, who are catching on to the technology of the humans and becoming more advanced with every battle.

Ender must train harder than ever to prepare for the hypothesized upcoming invasion. He works day and night to make sure he is ranked at the top of the list and is ready for whatever horrible things the buggers will throw in his way.

If there was a First and Second Invasion, why not a Third? Will Ender's lost childhood ever be restored, or will it haunt him for the rest of his life? Will his troubled past ever bring him stability in

Find out, in this science fiction thriller, Ender's Game!


"Some of the most hauntingly brilliant writing of the decade." - Interzone

"An increasingly popular and relevant novel that risks and achieves and delivers more than almost anything else within the science fiction genre, Ender's Game is a contemporary classic." -New York Times

New York Times loved it, you will too!