Animal Treatment



Animals are treated very cruly,animals are.......killed,injured,hurt,brused and cut up in pecies for home fruniture, this happens every day. This must stop. Animals are ripped away from there family's every day, in the trucks or trains the animals are kept in cages which they stay in from 3-7days. This may cause them to die.


Acording to peta penguins are given special medicine to make them happy.A giraffe was killed because it had no more usefulness and a bear died because starvation. According to vegan in zoos animals don't live nutaruly and that when a baby elephant is born the zoo keeper takes the baby for better entertainment but ,zoos can be good by being good teachers. Acording to mother nature network [mnn] donkeys were painted white and black to look like a zebra and the word zoo was from the 1840s by the London zoo which called its self "zoological" the idea of having open viewing cells started in 3500 B.C. in Egypt.