Art Styles of the 1800s

By: Gabby Gaskin


Realism took hold in the west. It focuses works on the harsh side of life in cities or villages. The works aimed to represent the world as it is. They wanted to show the world as it was in that time. Many of the artist of this era wanted to improve the lives of the unfortunate. The paintings also focused on the men and women of the working classes.

Romanticism (1750-1850)

Romanticism shaped western literature and arts. The writers, artists, and composers rebelled against the Enlightenment emphasis on reason and progress. The pieces all glorified nature and sought to excite strong emotions. Romanticism appealed to emotion rather than reason.

Impressionism (1870's)

Impressionism took root in Paris, capital of the western art world. Impressionism seeked to capture the first fleeting impressions made by a scene or object on the viewer's eye. This allowed the artists to achieve a fresh view of familiar subjects

Photography (1840's)

Photography started during the late 1840's. It posed a great challenge to many painters. In the 1870's, painters took art into a new direction by trying to capture the fleeting impression made by a scene or object int he viewers eye.

Post-Impression (1880-1905)

Post-Impressionism came after photography and impressionism. Post-Impressionism developed a variety of styles. Many famous artists of this time were George Seurat, Vincent Van Gogh, and Paul Gauguin. Vincent Van Gogh was known for his sharp brush lines and bright colors. George Seurat is known for his work of art with small dots of color. The small dots defined the shapes of objects.

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