Harry Haudini

by elvin carcamo

Harry Houdini early life

Harry Houdini was born on march 24,1874 in Budapest. he was named Ehrich by his parents. he was one of six Children of the family. his father changed the speling of the family name to Weiss,
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Harry Houdini early jobs and magic

harry started magic by watching a travailing magicians. when he was nine he got a job in a five cent circus,he stared to open locks when he got a job with a locksmith when he was 12 he rain away from home and performed magic when he could in 1887 harry family move to knew York city.

Research questing ansers

  • he had a possitif effect becouse me made people ingoin magic
  • the effect that he had on peole is to do wath you love like he did
  • what event hapen was wen he whent to see a circluse and he saw the magic man and he like it
  • the adjective i will discrible him will be azome
  • he take risks becouse he did reaLY Dengeras trick that allmost talk his life
  • i choose this person becouse he made people like magic
  • he is one of the most famose excape artis
  • someting knew that i larn abouth this person is that he code excape every police cofe

Harry Houdini

in 1894 He met a a woman name Beatrice she was a dencer and a singer in july 22,1894 they got mari.Beatrice became his acistance when he did magic, harry Haudini want to do beter trick so he starded doing escape tricks also when he went placese he went to the police station and and ascden to cofe them up,but he isely escape from the police cofe when people here that he escape more and more people came to his show on octuber 22 1926 ther wher a student that wanted to do a interbu to harry haudini and the student told he if he was astrong as they sey. the punche heart his appendix and he went to the hospital when he was in the bed he codent keep on fighting on octuber 31 1926 harry haudini died in november more then 2000 people show up to his funerals