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Innovate UK is the UK’s innovation agency. Its goal is to accelerate economic growth by stimulating and supporting business-led innovation. Innovate UK is a government agency, based in Swindon and sponsored by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). Innovate UK brings together business, research and the public sector, supporting and accelerating the development of innovative products and services to meet market needs, tackle major societal challenges and help build the future economy. It delivers its objectives through a series of programmes, in which businesses are encouraged to participate in, such as Collaborative Research & Development, Smart, and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, and, in order to help businesses internationally, Entrepreneur Missions. This specification relates solely to the Entrepreneur Missions programme.



(Should provide details of the main aims and reasons of the tender exercise)

Innovate UK supports events known as ‘Entrepreneur Missions', run in partnership with UKTI and private sector partners, in which a selected group of innovative and often early-stage UK companies are given intensive support to get them ready to travel to countries strong in innovation and enterprise, such as the US, Brazil or India.

The number of Entrepreneur Missions run by Innovate UK is currently small – 3 to 4 every year. As a result, the organisation has decided not to manage Entrepreneur Missions out of core resources, but to contract out the preparation and project management of the missions and logistical support before, during and after, the missions.

Each mission is therefore delivered in partnership with a private sector contractor to provide this expertise. The aim of the current tender, therefore, is to procure the services of a private sector provider to support the next Entrepreneur Mission in the Space sector, to the US market in November 2015.



(• Any specific objectives should be detailed here • Can be broken down to include specific outputs and expectations)

The main objective of this and all other Entrepreneur Missions is to grow the participating businesses through early internationalisation.

Specific objectives are for the mission companies to

1. Raise investment

2. Generate sales leads

3. Establish new connections



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· The mission will take place 14-20 November 2015 (see section on timing below), and must include at least one day at the SpaceCom conference in Houston, US.

· Conference fees for all delegates on the mission.

· The mission must support a maximum of 15 and a minimum of 10 entrepreneurs from UK- based SEMs with high-growth potential, frequently ,start-up companies

· Three key areas must be included : San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Houston

· The mission must span at least 5 whole working days in market

· The selected companies will make a contribution of around £2k towards costs

· Other costs, including flights, hotels and transfers for the selected companies will be paid for by Innovate UK (included in this specification).

· Materials delivered: microsite, mission brochure, marketing materials, pre-mission interview videos, daily mission video updates, marketing material to support SpaceCom presence (banners, etc.). We expect material generated for the Mission in August to the US to be re-used, particularly the microsite, but also general content regarding Innovate UK, the UK Space sector and other content.

· Training day, to include preparation for doing business in the US market, and investor readiness.

· All the logistics and transport on mission in including hotel reservations/confirmations, transport, communications with and support to selected companies to be included. Co-ordination of communications with key stakeholders such as UK Trade & Investment HQ in London and in US.


· PR support, social media and support for national newspaper journalists during the mission itself.

· Transport to UK departure airport.

· Meals and drinks for delegates.

· Innovate UK internal processes



(This is a statement of what is to be delivered and forms the main body of the specification. The ‘golden rule’ is that specifications need to be Clear, Concise and Unambiguous. It also:

• details what will be expected of the contractor under the contract

• how you see the contract operating to ensure aims and objectives are met

• details specific tasks, outputs and expectations

• do not embed critical requirements in background information – contractors may miss them

• list the important elements of the requirements first, and work through to least important

Specify requirements as:

• Mandatory -essential requirements that must be met

• Desirable – requirements that whilst bringing benefits are not essential

• Information – requirements that request supplementary detail that may be helpful to the overall picture

Note: As a general rule, no information should be provided about the proposed budget availability. The intention is to ensure enough detail is provided about the scope of the project to enable the contractor to gauge the size of the task themselves given their detailed and specialist knowledge, without leading on price.)

The main deliverable by the contractor is the successful, smooth project management of the Entrepreneur Mission – Space In November 2015 from the point of inception to post-mission wrap-up.

Mandatory requirements are:

-recruitment of a minimum of 10 and maximum of 15 entrepreneurs from UK start-up businesses to the Mission.

-set up of a microsite to promote the Entrepreneur Mission – Space to the outside world and to help recruit the right companies.

-develop marketing and communications material (printed, broadcast and social media)to support recruitment, programme development, and in-market programme of events, including in-market conference (SpaceCom 2015).

-develop and implement video record of the mission

-provide regular verbal and written update on progress against the project plan and overall objectives.

-set up and maintain key stakeholder communications, particularly with Innovate UK, UK Trade & Investment in the US the Science and Innovation Network as well as any other important stakeholders in the UK and overseas.

-one day’s training for the selected companies, to include market specifics, investor readiness training and any supporting information helpful for the successful delivery of the mission.

-provide one half-day post mission wrap up event for the selected companies, to evaluate the outcomes as well as act as a ‘lessons learnt’ exercise.

-provide all key Project Management documentation, including project plan, risk register, RACI, etc., appropriate and sufficient to ensure good, clear communication and progress against plan and overall objectives.

-provide in-market logistical and other support to all the delegates, including the entrepreneurial companies, relevant Innovate UK, UKTI and SIN staff, necessary to ensure a smooth running programme of events.

Desirable requirements are:

-maintain and help further strengthen the strategic relationship between Innovate UK and UK Trade & Investment and the Science and Innovation Network, particularly in the US.

Information requirements are:

-Details about the team that will deliver the work, including names, skills and experience.



(• Lists key targets and/or milestones expected to be achieved• can act as a performance indicator to enable stage or interim payments to be made against measurable deliverables • be specific on when you expect the outputs to be delivered • if the completion date is fundamental to the success of the project, then say so)

Entrepreneur Missions are planned around key conferences in the chosen technology and market, in this case the Space Applications conference SpaceCom in Houston between 17 and 19 November 2015. This is the most important space applications conference of its kind in the world and provides the best possible market place for UK space applications companies supported by Innovate UK (including its Satellite Applications Catapult).

Two key steps need to take place in the run up to the Mission: selection of the companies and investor-readiness training. In order to have enough time for the companies and Innovate UK to organise the schedule, arrange flights, etc., 4 weeks should be allowed. Within these 4 weeks, the training day can take place.

This means, that selection of the companies should start mid-October at the latest.

A post-mission wrap up event is one of the deliverables. This is to take place no later than 8 weeks after the end of the overseas part of the mission.

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