west the best

by estrella alvarez

The west middle has a lot of things to tell,but it's not all about education.It's also about making friend and doing it right.


The west middle school is right before high school.here something's you need to know.the principal is Mrs. Stacey swan,the location of this school is 19900 Hague road noblsville,IN 46062.Also the west middle school ONLY takes students that are in grades 6-8.

School improvement

West middle school has improved a lot by technology.That's the reason why they have E learning day's.E learning days are when you stay at home and do your school work on your iPad.


Some teachers teach different things.For example in 6th grade math Mrs.Nancy young and she teaches language arts.In 7th grade Mrs Amanda Scott and she teaches social studies.Also last but not least Mrs. Sarah Martin and she teaches Spanish.Their all great teachers.
Pre school,elementary school,middle school,high school,and collage.They all are important to you.None other thing is more important than education.
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