Perseverance Newsletter

By Jeffrey Zubik


Perseverance is a trait that is not gotten easily. You can't buy it and you can't steal it. Perseverance means for you to get through a hard time. These organizers and paragraphs are examples of perseverance. These people were eloquent in not just words but actions.

Compare and contrast

Compare and Contrast Chart Graphic Organizer



How are they alike?

  • they have disabilities

  • They have a bad family life

  • they persevere

  • they wrestle

  • they have triumphed in life

  • went to same high school

How are they different?

  • was hit by train

  • is a good father now

  • knew what it was like before not having no legs

  • doesn't do any sports now

  • is going to be a videogame designer.

  • can't see well

  • has a worse family life

  • Was born with it

  • went on to do judo

  • went to paralympics


Event 1

Eleanor had a bad childhood and her mother teased her.

Event 2

Eleanor felt inadequate for most of her life.

Event 3

Eleanor met Franklin.

Event 4

Eleanor has a strong resolve to fight for rights.

Event 5

Eleanor was thrown out of the public eye but that didn’t put down her ambitions.

Event 6

Eleanor died and inspired many people.

Problem and solution

Losing to Win

The lady jaguars have overcome many adversities. One of these is the none existent family in their life. they have problems all there life and this is how the try to fix that. One of the problems is that they have a bad home life. Most of there family is a bad influence. There family is away or using drugs.The solution to this problem was to play sports. They don't go home and do nothing but be around bad influences. With this they play basketball. They may lose in basketball but they win in getting away from bad influences.This is why playing basketball can help save lives.


Winston Churchill was a strong and eloquent man in history. His childhood was filled with sadness and loneliness. His parents were never there and his nanny was more like a mom than his real mom. He was born in november 30 1874. Throughout his life he has shown strength , wisdom and perseverance. For example during world war 2 he didn't give in to the Nazis. Another example was when he was put out of office but he persevered he got back in. However he is best known for his amazing speeches. He inspired many people to fight against the Nazis. He inspired hope and courage in the hearts of many people. during this time world war 2 was raging on.Many people wanted to quit in the face of Germany ,but he didn't. Winston churchill once said”but can anyone sitting here this afternoon, this October afternoon not feel deeply thankful.” This shows even though the war is raging on, and it has its ups, and downs he is still standing strong. He is thankful that England now has allies and they will fight to the death together. He stands proud through adversity and does what's right. This is why Winston Churchill is a great man and one everyone should aspire to be like.

Cause and effect

There was a huge amount of racism in baseball in the 1900s. When branch Rickey was just a coach in college baseball he saw firsthand some of the effects. One effect of racism was that Charlie was refused a room to sleep in and had to share a room with branch. Charlie was a african american baseball player in college. Because of him being african american he has experienced this before but it still hurt.Charlie was then tearing at his hands saying I’d be better if I were white. Branch saw this and vowed to change baseball for the better. Branch hired Jackie Robinson to play baseball and to help fight racism. This happened because of what branch has seen threw his life as a coach for african american kids. Jackie showed people in definitive terms that blacks were just as good as whites. Jackie Robinson was a key player in civil rights because of this. When Jackie was drafted into the Dodgers people saw this a rallying point. Jackie Robinson forever changed baseball and civil rights with what he did and preserved through. The noble experiment was a huge breakthrough in civil rights. This was almost 8 years before Rosa Parks said no on the bus in 1955.

These were all examples of people who persevered. Many of them had great conviction and weren't overwhelmed by petty things. These people are true modern day heroes.