Ms. Reed's Super Students

Week of Nov. 30th- Dec. 4th

Quick Announcements! **

  1. Spelling- is in a new place on the website! It will be updated weekly still but we just wanted to make it in a place that was easier to find!
  2. Book Fair is coming! It will be two week in duration and will be here on the 7th! That's next Monday! :)
  3. Guided Reading-please encourage your child to read their guided reading book BEFORE reading their independent reading books on Mondays to ensure they have some knowledge of the text to allow them full participation in the lessons.
  4. Progress Reports- These will be sent home on Dec 3rd so be looking for them. The content is getting continuously more rigorous and grades will reflect student's as accurately as possible. (effort and ability)
  5. Correct and Return-This is a new policy I am trying out. If there is an example of student work that they have not completed correctly and have received a failing grade on- I will be sending it home with the other papers but it will say "correct and return" if this is done their grade will be corrected to a 70. This is to ensure you are aware of their work and are getting an opportunity to help them.
    *****I will still be pulling them to my back table to reteach the subject they are struggling with.

Still time to join PTA! (any relative can be a member!)

The contest is still going on! The class with the most family members to join wins! Anyone and everyone can join! Last year our PTA had 100% participation school wide! To celebrate that we even received state recognition for achieving it last year!

This week we learned alot!

Math- We have started working with graphs! We have created pictographs and bargraphs and generated questions by analyzing the data being represented!

Reading- We have been doing an author study with Jann Brett to help us study and discuss the differences and similarities in plot and setting! We learned plot is always the events in the story but can be described with B.M.E and problem solution. We also learned that setting means the time, place and environment of a story!

Writing- We have continued writing our expository stories unit. We wrote new booklets about a topic we have a lot of knowledge about and created pictures with labels and captions, table of contents and a glossary, to go with them!

**Grammar Talks- Our focus was adjectives and reviewing their purpose and definition. We even made it fun with a Grinch theme!

Science- We have been studying force and patterns of movement. We predicted and traced the pattern of motion of four objects took as we applied force. We also created a pinwheel!

Social Studies- We are discussing historical figures and their important contributions made to our country!

****all italics words are examples of the language we use in class. You have to use big vocabulary to learn it!

Celebrate Carroll

Friday, Nov. 27th, 8am

4380 Throne Hall Drive

Frisco, TX

Celebrate Carroll (last week!)

Next Week Overview

In reading the boys and girls will make text-to-text connections among books authored by Tomie DePaola.

Our writing focus will be on writing persuasive papers and differentiating facts and opinions.

In math we'll review strategies to add and subtract and explore ways to add 3 or 4 addends.

Our science lessons will explore objects in motion and ways to describe an object's position.

In social studies the boys and girls will learn about our country's heroes from the past.

**One special activity our students will explore is in the computer lab: Coding for Kids! We're looking forward exposing our kids to computer technology for an hour of a day next week. I'll send you the link next week after the students have learned the basics.

**If you would like to find an advertisement or two that could be donated to our class next week... we're looking for product advertisements in print that contain text to persuade the buyer. Thanks for your help!

**The Carroll book fair is next week and second grade is hoping to win the coin drive competition. The students will win the privilege of PJs in class and Fizzy drinks if they donate more money than all other grade levels!

Creating Bar Graphs and Generating Questions

Guidance Lesson- Having Zest and being proud of ourselves

We made Butter "like the pilgrims!"

Contact Info!

Feel free to contact me anytime and I will get back to you as soon as possible! The best ways are through email, class Dojo (messages work similar to texts), and be sure to check out our Instagram page!