First Grade Weekly Update

February 5, 2016

Valentine's Day

On Thursday, February 11, we will do a small classroom celebration for Valentine's Day. We will pass out Valentine cards and decorate bags to put our cards into. A class list will be coming home for your child to use for addressing their cards. Unfortunately, no food or sweet treats will be passed out.

Groundhog Day

On Tuesday, February 2, the first graders celebrated Groundhog day. We predicted on Monday whether or not the groundhog would see his shadow. We made a picture graph out in the hallway with our results. Then on Tuesday we anxiously awaited the Groundhog's appearance. We were so excited to hear that he did not see his shadow and that Spring is on its way!! Hurray!


This week we have been reading fiction and non fiction books about communities and neighborhoods. We have started working on reading a map and learning some key vocabulary words: map, symbol, compass, and landmark. We will continue to use these words in our reading books and in our class discussions. Next week we will also introduce the words customs and traditions as they relate to ourselves and our classmates. Please take a few minutes over the weekend to talk with your child about their own family customs and heritage.

Watch Me Read

A large part of the first grade day is spent in the area of reading and phonics. We highly encourage you to read with your child at home. This can be with the Watch Me Read books that we send home, the non fiction paper books that come home weekly from our DEB groups, and/ or the AR books for those that have completed the Watch Me Read books and are independently reading picture books and taking comprehension tests. First graders are working so hard on the trick words and gaining fluency and stamina at this point in our school year. Please read or listen to your child read to you each day! It really will help them become better readers!


In math class we are currently working on place value. We are learning to count by 10s and 1s. We are using base ten blocks to model numbers and unifix cubes to show numbers past 10. We are going to be comparing 2 two digit numbers using the words greater than and less than and using the symbols < > and =. Check out IXL at home with your first grader to try some place value activities on the computer!