22-23 SMHS Cheer Weekly Preview


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Last Week in the Knight's Realm

november CAlendar

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MONDAY 10/31/2022

  • Halloween!!

TUESDAY 11/01/2022

WEDNESDAY 11/02/2022


THURSDAY 11/03/2022

  • FUTURE FAIR @ 4:00PM

FRIDAY 11/04/2022


SATURDAY 11/05/2022


Join the Band!!

SMCT Community Outreach Project 2022-Below you will find opportunities to earn community service hours as well as promote our program's philanthropy!


The event takes place on 11/06 in Balboa Park. We will be volunteering as a cheer station along the route...More information to come!

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*FUNdraising EVENTS*

First Annual San Elijo turkey trot

We have been asked to partake in the First Annual San Elijo Turkey Trot!! This is a great opportunity to get our name out in the community, develop partnerships with more sponsors/businesses, and make some money for our program!

Varsity competition team updates

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november birthdays!!!

November is an especially cozy month for a birthday, perfect for daylong fires in the hearth, soul-warming soups, stews, and especially rich late-harvest cakes, and pies. This month marks fall in full bloom, an important time of transition and tradition, characterized by the drawing near of friends and family — due both to lower temperatures and the closeness of the holiday season. Perhaps best of all, the end of daylight saving time on Nov. 7 gifts us all a much-needed extra hour of sleep. November birthday babies also happen to be recipients of some remarkable personal characteristics and birthday benefits.

People with November birthdays are strong and athletic. Most November babies are Scorpios (Oct. 23 and Nov. 22), natural truth-seekers known for utilizing a unique blend of creativity and intelligence to fight for what they believe in. A Scorpio’s ambition can sometimes feel intimidating, but their efforts aren’t all about personal gain — a Scorpio lives to advance causes they believe will benefit everyone, and are well known for displaying bravery to help close friends. Also quite charming and adventurous, Scorpios love displaying their professional capabilities via highly visible accomplishments. Those born after Nov. 22 fall under the sign of Sagittarius (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21), a philosophical, open-minded bunch with grand, but considerate, senses of humor.


Ali A. 11/27

THE following is in effect and will be strictly enforced


  • If you leave practice early: You will sit out for the same amount of time you leave early and collectively this can add up over time.

  • If one practice is missed= Verbal explanation of violation, warning against future consequence and cheerleader will show up at the next scheduled game in full uniform and sit out a portion of a game with her/his coach. However long will be up to discretion from the coach.

  • If two practices are missed= Verbal explanation of violation, warning against future consequence and cheerleader will show up at the next scheduled game in full uniform and will sit out the entire game and meet with the athlete and parent to discuss disciplinary action, probation, and action plan.

  • Continuous absences will result in removal from the program. Please do not commit to our team if you can not attend practice regularly


  • Cheerleaders must maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher in order to participate in our program. Any member failing to meet this standard will be put on academic probation for 6 weeks. During this time the member is not eligible to perform at any event, but he/she must still attend all events to support their team. Once the 6 week probation is up, if the student’s grades are above a 2.0, they may rejoin the team's activities. If not, the cheerleader will be removed from the cheer team.

Scholar athletes

"A Scholar-Athlete is someone who is committed to improving themselves while participating in a sport" (Segelken, 2014).

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SMHS CHEER SPOTLIGHT: Mackenzie Raymond-Varsity

Mack Daddy is a sophomore member of the varsity cheer team and this will be her second year in the SMHS cheer program. Here are some interesting things to know about our girl Mack Attack:

Favorite color: Blue and Pink

Favorite food: Ice Cream

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends

Favorite sport(s): Cheer

Someone I look up to the most are my parents

When I grow up I would like to be an interior designer

Two words that describe you: Thoughtful and Sweet


Jessie is a senior member of the junior varsity cheer team and this will be her third year in the SMHS cheer program. Here are some interesting things to know about our girl Jessie:

Favorite color: Black and Blue

Favorite food: Smoothie Bowls

Favorite sport(s): Cheerleading and Crossfit

Who is someone you look up to most? All of the strong women in my life

What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a Doctor of Physical Therapy and own a gym.

Any award(s) or accolades: UCA All American and UCA Pin it Forward

Two words that describe you: Caring and a Leader


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How can we help our athletes feel confident in their bodies?

Athletes are always focused on their bodies. They’re working on strengthening, increasing their endurance, being more flexible, and more. That’s a good thing! But because there is so much focus on the body, they may be hyper-aware of their flaws.

The important thing to do is to create space for your athlete to talk about their insecurities about their body, even if they aren’t true...and then validate it.

When we can talk about our insecurities, we can take away the stigma, process better, and separate fiction from reality. Draw more attention to the characteristics of the person, than the body that they are living in. Muscles are awesome, but more than that, say things like, “I love how you show up to practice ready to roll,” and, “I love your tenacity,” or, “You are such an honest person.

None of us are valuable because of what our bodies can or cannot do.

This does not mean that we ignore everything about the body, but we take the value off of it and recognize the person living in it.

How do we overcome our own body issues as adults?

If you’re like me, you have had body issues, you’ve made a negative comment about yourself and your child picks up on it. We can encourage our children all we want, but they notice when we aren’t loving ourselves the way we teach them to love themselves.

Give yourself grace, here. We have all made mistakes in this area. Start appreciating your own body for the sake of your child learning to love themself!


Hey There Knight Cheer Fam!

Welcome to Week 12!!! I can't believe we made it through Discovery Bowl week! So much fun and excitement. Playoffs here we come!! Huge congratulations to the freshman football Avocado League Champs!!

Our CIF competition is right around the corner so we will be focusing on preparation for that and basketball season! As we move into competition and basketball season please be reminded that your athlete signed up for both football and basketball season...Each athlete is required to attend all scheduled basketball games. The Knights Accountability Act will be enforced if more than 2 events are missed.

So much fun at the Halloween party, Red Ribbon Rallies, and Friday Pep Rally!

Cheers to a great week!!

Remember to Keep it Classy and GOOOOO KNIGHTS!!