Staff News #5

Windermere Primary School

CST Visit Feedback

The feedback after walkthroughs was very positive! They really enjoyed the visit and seeing such great instruction across the campus. Some of the comments are below.
  • The students are highly engaged in authentic learning.
  • Success Criteria is right where it needs to be across the campus and we have seen tremendous growth since our first visit.
  • Anchor charts are being created with students.
  • There is a lot of oral language between students and between staff and students.

Frequent Talk is...

  • Partner Talk
  • Revoice in a triangle
  • Choral Response

Ask Lisa Kammerer how to make a "Door Sticker"...

Anchor Charts

  • Celebrate when students use a word from an Anchor Chart in a discussion.
  • Say "Now use two words from the Anchor Chart to quick write a summary of our learning."
  • Ask students to use the visual models on your Anchor Chart to help "justify their thinking" during a discussion.

Success Criteria Thinking Zone

Closure: Making That Last Impression

By Rod Lucero, Colorado State University

Do you want your students to attach personal meaning and relevance to what they glean from your daily lessons? An effective "Closure" activity at the end of each class period can help with that objective, creating what psychologists call the Recency Effect, otherwise known as a last impression.

Ideally, closure activities create powerful learning effects at the tail-end of the class, something that will reverberate for hours after the lesson is over, something a little sticky.

Closing your lesson by reviewing the success criteria is a great way of validating the learning that has taken place for each of your students and for you as the teacher.

Have you seen the Gazebo?

We need some staff to take on the planting and growing process for our Storybook Gardens. Each corner is available for a grade level. Mrs. Klein is starting the planting for 2nd grade. Please talk with your grade level and decide who/when/what you would like to plant. The Fall planting season is NOW! And the campus will pay for fresh dirt and seeds, just let us know what you need.

Have You Joined Our Staff Remind?

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