Reading MyON Books Offline

For Noblesville Schools, PreK-5 Readers

Locate internet access

Download myON app

MyON app is in the Noblesville App Portal for all PreK-5 learners

Open myON from Clever Portal Page

Look under section labeled Automatic Login

Type into your internet browser or start with the Clever app


Clever Family Home Login Guide

Clever Family Home Login Guide in Spanish

Clever Family Home Login Guide in Arabic

Big picture

Click icon of finger touching a mobile device

Look in the upper right hand corner of myON screen

Example below, this PIN is no longer valid for this particular user

Big picture

Write down PIN 📝

Open myON app on iPad 📱

Big picture

Click small O icon

Look in the lower right hand corner of iPad screen

Press + sign to add new User

Pressing the + sign will take reader the screen below
Big picture

Select school

  • Hazel Dell Elementary
  • Hinkle Creek Elementary
  • Noble Crossing Elementary
  • North Elementary
  • Promise Road Elementary
  • Stony Creek Elementary
  • White River Elementary

Enter Username and PIN

  • Username = Student ID (lunch number, library card number, Canvas Login)
  • PIN = four letter combination reader wrote down earlier

Choose Link

In small letters below in center of screen

Click icon of book with + and --> to add books

Look in upper left hand corner of screen

Add up to 20 books

Enjoy books on the go!

Remove books and repeat the steps when reader is ready for another twenty books!

Kristin Patrick

Technology Integration Coach, Noblesville Schools

Adjunct Faculty, IUPUI Department of Library & Information Science

Immediate Past President, Indiana State Literacy Association, An ILA Affiliate