The Hunting Ground

Documentary Analysis By Breanna Bishop


Through the elements of personal interviews, pathos, and statistics the documentary " The Hunting Ground" made its purpose effective by informing the audience about what is going on, on college campuses and the lack of consequences for sexual assault on college campuses.


The purpose of making the documentary was to inform others about what is going on around the country at colleges with sexual abuse allegations. Also to show how teens lives are being changed because of the events taking place, and how young people are standing up for what they believe in.

Personal Interviews

The use of personal interview helps the author get his point across because its other people telling their stories, and we the audience get a to understand what happened to them.

- Annie Clark describes her experience getting raped at UNC chapel Hill when she was a freshmen, she was a track star and wanted to drop out of college after it happened.

-Andrea Pino recalls reporting her rape to an administrator and nothing being done about it. She felt like nobody cared about her enough to do anything.

- Andrea soon found out that the person who raped her had rapped other girls and he was a well know college student nothing happened to him, nobody believed what the girls were saying. He was known as the good guy.


Through the use of pathos we get the sense of emotion and what the victims felt .

- In the beginning of the documentary their was the song being played that is played when student graduate.

-When acceptance letters were being open and the girls and their families showed their excitement, everybody was happy nobody thought about other things that could happen at college.

- The personal phone calls between parents and students, when the students explained what happened to them shows pathos and also the calls between the parents and the school.


Through the use of statistics the audience gets a better picture of how often things happen and how the numbers change over time.

- Statistics showed that between 2-8% of rape allegations are actually false.

- Repeat offenders rape an average of 6 times it could be the same girls or different girls.

-If nothing changes 100,00 people will be raped or sexual assaulted on college campuses alone.


In conclusion the author gets his point across which was to inform others that rape and sexual assault does happen on college campus and little to nothing is being done about it. By using the elements of personal interviews, pathos and statistics we see what the author was trying to get us to see andunderstand overall. The documentary impacted me as a viewer a lot because I am a girl who was to go away for college.Watching the documentary has not changed my mind about the issue I think something should be done about what's going on, if not it will just keep happening.