The Treasure Map

Monday, February 10 - Sunday, February 16

Week in Review

Monday, February 10

    • Winter MAP testing window open.

    Tuesday, February 11

    • Winter MAP testing Window Open
    • Kindergarten State Farm names due to Crystal (10 boys and 10 girls from the grade level)
    • 10:00-11:00 K tour for prospective parents
    • 3:00 iResearch faculty meeting
    • 6:00 SIC meeting

    Wednesday, February 12

    • 5th Grade Common Planning 2:45-3:30
    • K Common Planning 12:35-1:20
    • 2nd Grade Common Planning 2:45-3:45
    • Winter MAP testing Window Open
    • Late Start: Refer to Sign Up Genius for Session Locations
    • Colquhoun and select students on field trip

    Thursday, February 13

    • 3rd Grade Common Planning 8:00-8:45
    • 5th Grade Common Planning 9:55-10:35
    • Winter MAP testing Window Open
    • PTA Staff Appreciation

    Friday, February 14- Happy Valentines Day!

    • Winter MAP testing Window Open
    • Happy Birthday, Mrs. Watts!!!!!
    • Happy Birthday, Mrs. Taylor!!

    Saturday, February 15

    Sunday, February 16

    Guidance Corner - February – Fairness

    Be objective. Try to understand how others think and feel. Understanding that everyone is unique and being tolerant of those who are different than you and Follow and abide by the rules.

    The Jason Flatt Act

    Safe Schools is our online safety training program. We are requiring 3 courses this year: Jason Flatt Act, OSHA Globally Harmonized System (old MSDS), and Slips, Trips, and Falls. Your username to the system is your employee ID number and your password is first initial last name. If you have any problems please let me know. All faculty and staff will be sent the 3 courses on February 7. The email sent to you will have your employee ID in it. In order to renew your certificate of teaching you must now have completed the 2 hour Jason Flatt Act Course on suicide.

    Don't Forget...

    Please don't forget to load your high, medium, and low writing samples for 2nd 9 weeks. These should be samples from the same students you submitted 1st 9 weeks. We are looking at student growth. Click here for the Dropbox link

    Mrs. Taylor ROCKS!!!

    Ms.Marion Taylor uses her ability to speak to Spanish to help every student she can. Having a fifth graders who spoke very little English and was struggling in all subject -I was baffled. Ms.Taylor did not hesitate to begin meeting with him each day to assist in understanding and learning this strange new language. Thank you for helping to break a barrier at India Hook!

    Mrs. Sands ROCKS!!!-Message from A Parent

    Mrs. Guyton,

    I just wanted to email you to brag on Mrs. Sands. From the very beginning, I have been very impressed. I received an email from Mrs. Sands saying that she was my child's teacher and the supplies that they would need for the year. This was very helpful because the district list had supplies on it that she did not need this year. Sending out this email was going above and beyond which is what Mrs. Sands has done all year long. Mrs. Sands also sends out emails keeping the parents informed of what they are doing in the classroom and what is coming up. I have seen Mrs. Sands with the kids. She knows how to have fun and still keep control of her class. Mrs. Sands is a very loving and caring teacher. There was one day that my child got sick at school and Mrs. Sands called to check on her. That is a teacher that really cares about her students. She should be recognized for her excellent teaching, her love for the students and her communication with the parents.

    A Parent of Ms. Sands

    Ms. Powers is a Team Player!!!!

    This email was from Karen Roof to Candyce Powers!

    I was just standing at my gym door (getting reception on my phone while talking to my mom for a minute) and watched your class at recess. There was a group of boys punting the soccer ball. Several times when Jordan Knox got the ball he gave it to Alex to kick. One of the last times, Alex punted a beautiful long and high ball. Jordan yelled "WooHoo" jumped up and down, ran and gave him a high five and a hug (well a guy kinda hug). Alex jumped up and down himself and yelled too! I haven't seen that child show that type of emotion EVER!

    Ok, so I stood there a bit choked up and so proud of these kids and the teachers that guide them to this kind of compassion and life lessons!!

    On my list of heroes!!

    Look Out! We Have an Author in the House!

    Congratulations, Mandi Howe, on being published in VTSS: The Social Studies. Her article is titled "Developing a Vision for the Common Core Classroom: What Does Elementary Social Studies Look Like?" We are proud of you, Mandi!

    By the Numbers...

    Did you know we have an official school start time of 7:45 AM? Most teachers end their day around 2:15 to pack up and prepare students to go home. That is 6 1/2 hours that we have with children. For classroom teachers we could subtract out 20 minutes for recess, 5 minutes for travel there and back, 30 minutes for lunch, 5 minutes for travel there and back. Then, you have 45 minutes where students are with related arts specialists. Take approx. 5 minutes for travel there and back. That leaves 4 hours and 40 minutes with children in a regular classroom each day, and that is assuming it is a perfect day with no other interruptions, phone calls, trips to the office, bathroom breaks, visits to the workroom, etc. I had never looked at this like this until yesterday and this was eye opening for me! I think about the times that I go to a teacher's door and say, "Can I see you for just a minute?" The truth of the matter is...EVERY MINUTE COUNTS!

    In our leadership meeting we will continue to reflect on this as we look at our data and how we are compared to schools like our. Ask your leadership team member for more information about the discussion regarding this from our meeting this week.

    By the Numbers...

    Part of our discussion in leadership team this past week involved being compared to schools with numbers in upper grades that are much less than ours, which allows more time for teachers to individualize or provide small group instruction. Below are the numbers that we have as of now in classes at IHES. Keep in mind some classes have unique challenges built in and the numbers are kept smaller purposefully.

    Cosper- 15
    Hopper- 16
    Wacaster- 16
    Williams- 15
    Hiott- 16
    Pursley- 8

    1st Grade:
    Bunchman- 17
    Clontz- 19
    Lee- 20
    Rodgers- 19
    Sands- 20

    2nd Grade:
    Adams- 19
    Copeland- 19
    Hallman- 21
    Mitchell- 20
    Pagoota- 19

    3rd Grade:
    Batten- 22
    Carter- 22
    Gunter- 19
    Powers- 21
    White- 22

    4th Grade
    Fielder- 22
    Howe- 25
    Janicke- 26
    Mullis- 22
    Adkins- 22

    5th Grade
    Austin- 22
    Ellisor- 22
    Morton- 23
    Selle- 23
    Watts- 24

    School Money

    Teachers, all money should be turned in to the office by 9:00 allowing time for counting and preparing a daily deposit. There can be no exceptions to this, we are held to district standards concerning this matter.

    Future Events

    • ESE PD: Introduction to Curricular Modifications – February 19, 3:00 – 4:30 – place TBA
    • February 20 is the last day to spend teacher money.
    • ESE PD: Introduction to Curricular Modifications – February 20, 4:00 – 5:30 – place TBA
    • ESE PD: Strategies for Curricular Modifications – February 26, 3:00 – 4:30 – place TBA
    • ESE PD: Strategies for Curricular Modifications – February 27, 4:00 – 5:30 – place TBA
    • ESE PD: Differentiation for Students with Special Needs – March 6 – 3:30 – 5:00 – place TBA
    • by March 14 Annual Review of GBE performance; completed form due
    • by May 1 complete GBE survey