Estrada's E-Notes

October 2021 Edition

Principal's Post

Dear Newport El Families,

Wow! We are 6 weeks into the school year and really hitting our stride. This edition has some highlights of the great learning happening on campus, info about upcoming events, and resources for parents.

We are committed to supporting our students with their academic growth and their social-emotional learning and recognize that the pandemic has had an effect. Our teaching staff which includes our classroom teachers, special education teachers, and part-time support teachers are all working together to provide high-quality instruction on grade-level content and targeted intervention to bolster any foundational skills that are not fully developed. We also have a Wellness Team to support students' social-emotional learning and mental health. This team includes our school nurse, our school psychologist, our school counselor, our district behavior specialist, and me. The newest member to the team is Kayla Lumowah, our new school counselor. NMUSD hired 11 elementary school counselors this year with the goal of providing social-emotional lessons and counseling services. If you have concerns about your student's growth, whether it be academics or social-emotional learning, please reach out to their teacher. That way our team can identify the available resources and supports that will best support our students.

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas you want to share, please reach out. I know it feels different with parent volunteers and visitors not being on campus. PTA and Foundation have several events coming up to promote connecting with the school community. Make sure you are signed up for The Point and following us on social media.

Keep being awesome!

Principal Estrada


Spotlight on Academics

The last week of this month is set aside for parent teacher conferences. This is a unique opportunity for you to meet 1 on 1 with your child's teacher. Make sure you look for communication from your child's teacher about scheduling a time on Zoom. Here are some thoughts on how to get the most out of this experience:
  • Embrace a growth mindset and the power of yet! - The first report card is a status check of how students are performing on meeting grade level standards at the beginning of the year. The goal is mastery of the standard in June after consistent instruction, practice and effort.
  • Ask about specific ways you can support your student at home. What skills need more developing? What areas of strength could be encouraged?
  • Ask about non-academic progress and character too - Does my student have a love of learning? How do they respond to challenges? Are they a kind and respectful member of the school community? Do they take responsibility for their learning and behavior?
  • Assume positive intent - Your child's teacher wants them to be successful and sees the best in them. But, they also see them from a different perspective and in a different environment. This may lead to a difficult conversation, but it is important to be on the same page.

Spotlight on Safety

This month NBPD officers will be presenting to our 3rd-6th grade students on bike safety and following the rules of the road. It's so important that our children know how to safely navigate their route, be aware of traffic, and wear their helmets.

Here are some resources from the city of Newport Beach including a tip sheet on how parents can be a "Roll Model" when it comes to bike safety. I know I'm guilty of not diligently wearing my helmet.

Thriving Together

Each month I am sharing resources about 1 of the 7 character strengths defined in Thrivers: The Surprising Reasons Why Some Kids Struggle and Others Shine. I hope you will read the book along with the staff and me.

This month's focus is empathy. Dr Borba says,

Thrivers think "we" not "me." The gateway to empathy and thriving is human connection. Kids with strong empathy can understand and share another's feelings, act compassionately and are more open, accepting and willing to understand views that differ from their own.

What is Empathy?

  • A = Affective Empathy, when we share another's feelings and feel their emotions
  • B = Behavioral Empathy, when empathic concern rallies us to act with compassion
  • C = Cognitive Empathy, when we understand another's thoughts or step into their shoes

Two Strategies to Try:

1. Model the 4 Ls of listening

  • Look eye-to-eye
  • Lean in
  • Learn one common thing
  • Label the feeling
2. Expect your child to care and use this approach when their behavior is uncaring.
  • NAME the uncaring act: identify the uncaring act
  • FRAME the impact: point out how the uncaring act made others feel
  • RECLAIM caring expectations: express disappointment in the behavior and state your expectation for correcting it

October Read Aloud

This month I am reading The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig. In the story Brian feels invisible. Nobody ever seems to notice him or think to include him in their group, game, or birthday party until a new kid comes to class. This new student shows Brian kindness and helps Brian to shine. This gentle story shows how small acts of kindness can help children feel included and allow them to flourish. The story highlights empathy, our Thrivers character strength for the month.

October Dates

October 1 - Flag Deck - Spirit Dress: Wear Something that Makes You Smile for World Smile Day

October 1 - NESF Meeting at Tower 13 @ 8:05

October 3 - PTA Charleston Wrap Fundraiser ends

October 4 - PTA Reflections Projects due

October 9 - PTA New Family Meet-Up at Tower 13 from 9am-12pm

October 10 - NESF Car Show 10am-2pm

October 15 - Flag Deck

October 15 - Make-Up Picture Day

October 25-29 - Conference Week, 1:00 Dismissal time, no students on Wednesday

October 25-29 - Red Ribbon Week

October 26 - PTA Boo Bash

November 1 - Staff Development Day - No students

Closed Campus

At this time, NMUSD campuses remain closed to all visitors and volunteers. The front office is open to assist families, but only students and staff are permitted past the front office. As much as possible, please email or call the office for assistance.

Main Line: 949-515-6965

Attendance questions:

Vicky Mahtesian -

Health, medications, and immunizations questions:

Dana Hansen - and

Nurse Sarah Hacker -

All Other inquiries:

Susi Mendoza -

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