Third Grade News

April 2017 - Milestones Edition

Upcoming Classroom Assessment Dates

Milestones Testing Schedule

Although we are not testing every day during these next few weeks it is very important that your child is here every day (as long as they are not sick of course) so that they do not miss any instruction. We will be reviewing as much as possible in order to best prepare them for these tests. If your child is absent they will have to make up any missed tests when they return to school.

Our schedules will be altered to allow students uninterrupted time for testing every morning. Rest assured, students will still have lunch, specials and recess every will just be at different times than our usual school day.

Upcoming Instruction in the Classroom

As we prepare for these end of the year assessments, instruction will continue in the classroom. We will review skills, preview new skills and continue teaching through these testing periods. We will send a list of what is left to cover and assess in our May newsletter.

Test Taking Tips


*Be sure that your child is well rested every night to ensure they are ready for testing every morning.

*Make sure that your child has a good breakfast in the morning. It's hard for students to concentrate and do their best if they are hungry!

*Don't stress them out! Yes, remind your child that they need to do their best but do not make them anxious about testing. We've been preparing them all year for these tests, all they need to do is remember to do their best!

*Make sure your child arrives on time every day. Testing begins promptly at 8:15 so make sure that your child is at school, has had breakfast and is ready to go on time. Students who arrive late will not be allowed to "join" the test once it has begun, they will have to make the test up at another time.


*Be sure to read everything! You want to make sure that you are always answering the question that is being asked.

*Eliminate (get rid of) any answer that you know is incorrect. That will give you fewer options to choose from when selecting your final answer.

*Use the tools that are available to you. We will take a practice test on Wednesday so make sure you pay attention to the tools that you will be able to use during testing.

*Look over your answers when you think that you are done. That means you need to reread the questions as well as the answers you've chosen.

*Do your best! You will do great as long as you do your very best work.

We could use your help!


Please contact your child's homeroom teacher if you feel that you would like to send in snacks for the class on testing days. We'd like to have a healthy (fruit, granola bars, crackers, etc...) snack provided for the entire class at the end of each testing day. Let us know if you'd like to send something in for the kids. Thank you!


We'd like for every student to start each day off on a positive note. Please send in a note of encouragement for your child and we will make sure that they start their day off with a smile! Please send notes in an envelope with their name as well as their homeroom teacher's name.

End of the Year Calendar

The end of the year is quickly approaching and we are preparing to do some fun activities to celebrate the end of third grade. Watch for a fun "end of the year calendar" to come towards the end of Milestones testing weeks. A few of the activities will require students to bring things from home, so mark your calendars when you get the schedule.

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