3 for Thursday

October 8, 2015

1. Google Voice

Those of you who have already begun to use the collaborative tools in Google Drive know how powerful they are! Google Voice is a feature that became available a few weeks ago. To type using your voice in Google Docs simply open the "tools" menu and select "voice typing." A microphone icon will appear in the margin of your document. Click it, allow Google to access your microphone, and start talking. I tested voice typing and was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy. It also responds well to prompts for inserting punctuation. Google Voice responds to period, comma, exclamation point, question mark, new line, and new paragraph commands. Do you have students who have difficulty completing writing assignments? Allow them to speak their assignment and edit the results to reduce the frustration that is often associated with writing due to lack of focus or orthopedic concerns.

2. Batty About Bats!

Scholastic and the American Museum of Natural History have teamed up to create an exciting Soar With Bats project which contains various interactive learning activities that challenge students’ reading and writing skills, research skills, and more, while they study these fascinating night fliers. In addition, the San Diego Zoo provides a lot of information about bats on their website in a very kid-friendly format, including a photo gallery and a great Fun Facts section. Also check out Kidzone Bats and Eek..Critter Corner...Bats! for your younger students. To incorporate writing into your study of bats, you might have young students write a rhyming poem about bats. (Lots of words rhyme with bats!) Students of all ages can use this online poem generator to highlight facts they've learned. Or, make a nonfiction shape book about bats. Students could also write a persuasive story asking parents to allow them have a bat for a pet. Review using commas in a series by describing bats with as many adjectives as possible or practice multiple meanings by having students write sentences with the word “bat” in which bat has a different meaning from a mammal, such as baseball bat, feeling batty, and bat your eyelashes.

3. Quick Rubric

Do you want clean, modern looking rubrics that are simple and fast to make? Look no further than Quick Rubric. Enough said-it's awesome! Sign up for your free account today! Seriously....if you make your own rubrics, don't skip over this one:)
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