The Dragon Heir

Zach Awad

My thoughts about this book

My honest opinion about this book is that I really enjoy it even though i am only part of the way into it. I really liked how the book started and it gave me good descriptive background information. Now I don't know who your favorite character is but mine is definitely Jason. From what i have read it seems like he will be one of the most dominant character in this book. I actually always tend to read faster when there are parts with Jason in it. I think that Jason may be an underdog type character which also represents what I feel that the theme is. I think that this book is trying to tell us that people who may not seem to have a huge purpose but may eventually be the biggest part of something. I feel that this book would be most attracted to those who enjoy video-gaming or love fantasy wars. I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did reading this book!


“Jason felt humiliated and frustrated. Rejected by a rock.”

“Sometimes you have to go somewhere else to appreciate what we have here.”

“Her clothes still smoked from the wizard’s assault. But to him, she always smelled of flowers.”