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The Following is very Important!

During this lesson, I'm going to review some of the ways dōTERRA pays its Wellness Advocates because it is vital to understand that to know how to structure your organization well. BUT FIRST! It is very important to that you know that in order to QUALIFY TO GET PAID you must have an LRP cart with a minimum of 100pv saved in it AT ALL TIMES. When dōTERRA cuts checks (every Thursday for Fast Start Bonuses and on the 15th of the month for all other commissions and bonuses), they first make sure that you have an LRP cart set up for at least 100pv. This is because they want to only reward loyal consumers. So, remember, 100pv in your LRP cart, if you are expecting any commissions! You can update your cart at anytime, but make sure to always save it with at least 100pv.

Where you place new enrollees on your "tree" can make a big difference for you.

I have found structure to be so important for my success and for those on my team. You want to place people with their friends and family so that they can all support and gain from one another. By stacking friends and family, they will never feel like they need to "compete" against each other. For example, if three sisters want to enroll, and they each want to make dōTERRA her business. You would enroll the first sister under you. Then let the first sister enroll the second, and then let the second sister enroll the third sister. This way, when their cousin wants to enroll, all of the sisters will benefit by allowing the third sister to enroll the cousin. Everyone wins! If the sisters are not sure if they will be making dōTERRA their business, then you can enroll all of them, but sponsor them one on top of the other. To get more help with this, please call the one who mentors you, or contact me. I'd love to help you to understand this better.

Let's talk about the "Fast Start Bonus" to understand how dōTERRA rewards us for enrolling new people so that you can see a little about how the above structure of stacking the three sisters would be beneficial.

Fast Start Bonus

You will earn 20% on everything your new enrollee buys for the first 60 days.

The person who enrolled you will earn 10% of everything your new enrollee buys for those 60 days.

And the person who enrolled the person who enrolled you (your dōTERRA grandparent) will earn 5% on everything your new enrollee buys for the first 60 days.

Structure and Power of 3 Bonus

Power of Three Bonus

Structure also plays a role in another way that dōTERRA pays you. The Power of Three Bonus (PO3)! The PO3 is actually 3 Bonuses wrapped into one! There are three qualifying levels, each with a bigger cash bonus.

How It Works:

You place an LRP order of at least 100pv each month.

You have 3 people on your front line who place an LRP order of at least 100pv each month.

You plus your frontline (this is everyone on your frontline, not just the 3 running 100pv) have a total PV of 600. Or if you only have 3 people on your frontline, all 4 of you place an LRP order of 150pv each to equal 600pv.

This is the first PO3, and you will get a $50 check.

For the 2nd Level PO3:

Help the 3 people on your frontline get 3 people for their frontlines, and repeat the process. This will give you a $250 check and each of your 3, a $50 check!

For the 3rd Level PO3:

Help the 9 people on your second-line to each find 3 people of their own and repeat the steps above for a $1500 check for you, and $250 checks for your 3 on your frontline, and $50 checks for 9 people on your second line!

If you want to make dōTERRA your business, pay special attention to this, because this is the fastest way to earn reliable income!

Watch this great clip to learn more:

doTERRA Power of 3

As You Share With More People, Your Team Will Grow!

This lesson is just a guide to help you get started, but as you share with more people, you will want to seek guidence from your Mentor. If you do not have a Mentor, please let me know. I'd love to help you find a good fit for you.

If You Have Any Questions, Please Ask!

There is so much to learn here, so please don't hesitate to ask questions. You can always contact the person who enrolled you, your Mentor, or the person who taught the class you may have attended. And of course, you can always contact me. Call, text, email, or message me on FB.