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Relationships with students are built on RESPECT, VALUE and EXPECTATIONS

Warm Demanders- (High expectations and high relationships) — combined “high personal warmth with high active demandingness”. “In the classrooms of these teachers, students actively participated in discussions and were willing to work hard for their teachers, with whom they had developed a positive, mutually respectful rapport.”

Warm demanders includes:

  • Explicit focus on building rapport and trust. Expresses warmth through non-verbal ways like smiling, touch, warm or firm tone of voice, and good natured teasing.
  • Shows personal regard for students by inquiring about important people in their lives.
  • Earns the right to demand engagement and effort.
  • Very competent with the technical side of instruction
  • Holds high standards and offers emotional support and instructional scaffolding to dependent learners for reaching the standards.
  • Encourages productive struggle
  • Viewed by students as caring because of personal regard and “tough love” stance.

Warm demanders approach their students with unconditional positive regard, knowing students and their cultures well, and insisting that students perform to a high standard. Students have told researchers that they want teachers who communicate that they are “important enough to be pushed, disciplined, taught, and respected”.
(Wilson & Corbett, 2001, p. 88)
Such is the stance of the warm demander.
Elizabeth Bondy and Dorene D. Ross (Educational Leadership)

Rewind of Warm Demander Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRZvlpkoKv

Collaborative Inquiry Walkthrough Visitation 11/15/2018

CIV Purpose: CIV - The purpose of the CIV is to assist schools in gauging professional development and coherence of instructional practices that impact student learning outcomes.

Question(S)PD Focus Question - How do we design daily learning intentions in which teacher instruction/models and students proving behaviors DOK Cognitive Demand levels are in alignment?

Walkthrough Schedule:


STOIC...Consistency of Expectations and Implementation = "SYSTEMNESS"

JROB's Community Kindness is working!

Playground Observations:

  • 2nd grader falls down and her ball rolls away...another student, playing separately, gets the ball for her and makes sure she's okay.
  • 3rd grader encouraging her classmate to make a basket: "You almost made it!"
  • Middle school student falls during basketball, his opponent extends his hand to help him up.
  • Middle school student gets hit in the eye with the basketball, teammate hands him a water to wash it off. Not sure why...but the kindness was there!

It's easy to get bogged down with misbehavior...let's continue to focus on the positive!

Supervision Kudos:

  • Ms. Arce interacting and playing hula hoops with the 1st graders.
  • Mr. Durham for being present on the field and directly supervising the 4th/5th graders playing football.
  • Ms. Henry for ensuring her students are lined up and supervised entering the playground.
  • Mr. Marengo & Mr. Jones for being present in the middle school hallway during passing period.
  • Coach Waider for escorting and supervising students to the hallway before his conference period everyday!!!.

Supervision Next Steps:

  • A teacher should be physically on the field in order to supervise properly. If there is no teacher, field must be closed.
  • Being 5 minutes early to duty allows you and your colleagues time to use the restroom before the entire grade level(s) is/are on the playground.
  • Middle School: Ensure consistency with restroom logs and passes during class time.

Parent Teacher Conferences - Nov 5-13, 2018

ES - Angela/Karen will place information for parent conference date selections in your teacher's mailbox. It is expected that all students have a parent conference.

MS - Modified Conference Schedule (November 5th & 6th minimum days).

Dr. Hosn is working on setting up conferences for "the top 10-15 At-Risk students per grade level" in which teachers associated with those students will attend parent conferences on those days.

**Angela, will email an opportunity for teachers to signup for a PALMS translator to support with conferences, limited availability**

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