NFSI Tech Tidbits

Volume 1 February 2016


Hi! Welcome to the first ever NFSI Tech Tidbits newsletter! My goal is to share fun tidbits with you to help you grow as educators in a tech-savvy world.



Teacher Laptops

You may have heard some rumors about staff computers...

All current teachers who have been provided Apple MacBooks (.8-1.0 FTE) are scheduled to get new laptops next year.

Our current laptops would be dispersed between part-time staff, substitutes, and student laptop carts. These decisions will be based on building needs.

This is not finalized yet...FYI.

App Spotlight

SeeSaw is a great app to help students share their work/projects/etc. with you and their parents! Check out this great video for an intro. It's free to use and super easy to set up!

Here is the link for more info:

It's super friendly for elementary and there is no need to have 1:1 iPads. Kids just click on their name to create/share their projects.

I'm tempted to try it in the next couple of weeks!

Seesaw: The Learning Journal Overview