Istation Tips & Trades

September/October 2015

Meet Your Istation Gurus

We are so excited to share with you all the cool and amazing things we learned at our Istation training! Since everyone has a different background on Istation we don't want to overwhelm anyone. We will be sending out a monthly newsletter for tips and trades dealing with I-station. We are available to help you or your team indviually at any time. Your K-2 contact is Hayley Brown and your 3-5 contact is Lauren Adkins. Please email us to set up an appointment and we would be happy to help you with your Istation needs.

Tips & Trades

Istation Classroom Summary Report

What information is provided on the report?

  • ISIP Assessment Overall Score
  • Lexil Level
  • Current Cycle
  • Reading Curriculum Report

What is a "Cycle"?

Istation pushes lessons or "cycles" to our students based on their assessments. The classroom summary will show an update every time a student moves on to a new cycle. You will find a copy in your mailbox on what is being taught to each of our students in that cycle.

Tip: You will also see on this report different areas that are being worked on with the student in the each cycle with icons indicating how the student is doing. *Green checks do not mean student is performing on grade level, but at there individual lexis level.

**Please watch the video to learn how to find the classroom summary report and for more information.

(Please pardon my recording voice).

*The items in this document are confidential and are not meant to be shared with anyone outside of College Street Elementary.

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