*Lois Lowry*

By: Chloe hayes

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Lois Lowry was a very good author. Her first book she published was in 1977 .She also has lots of newer books too though. Lois won awards for "Number The Stars" and "The Giver". Lois loves to read and about around when she 8 or 9 years old she fell into the love of writing. She knew that was what she wanted to do. As a kid she lived in many different place because her father was an army officer,but he was also a dentist. With this situation she did a lot of her schooling in a school in Japan,but she didn't stay there. She graduated high school at a New York City high school. For here college she went to Brown University...she didn't graduate though she dropped out to get married to a officer named Donald who was also in the military, with that they traveled to lots of places to live, they had four kids and she went back to college. On of her sons Grey died in a plane crash working for the Air Force.

Book Summary's

The Giver

Do you ever take color,feelings or freedom to be different for granted? Well in the giver it is fast-forwarded to the future where nobody even knows what those things are. Everything is black and white and it is day after day the same thing, usually, and everyone has age stages they have to follow, for example at age nine you can ride a bike but not any age sooner. When they turn 12 they get a job based on who they are like, birth mother, pilot, care taker. Only one gets to be The receiver that's the special one. Jonah gets to start seeing color,Feeling feelings, But he cant tell anyone not even his family...but Jonah thinks that's wrong for only him gets to experience the wonders. So Jonah and the old receiver, the giver, make a plan to run. Once they get past the boundary its free. Their free. Will they make it or when they be stooped and punished or even killed?
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Number The Stars

In the book Number The Stars by Lois Lowry is mainly about the Nazis invasion. A child Ellen is Jewish with many others in the country of Denmark. Well one day a bunch of the Nazis come in and rationed things, closes store and schools, and took people without telling others why. Ellen's friend Annmarie and her family try to hide and save Ellen and her family. Well with that the Nazis are getting suspicious and are searching homes constantly... will Ellen and her family be safe or is it the last time Annmarie will ever see Ellen again.
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Other Books By Lois Lowry

"Messenger" "A Summer To Die" "Gathering blue" "son" "Gossamer"