The Boy Who Saved Baseball

Never give up spirit

Cruz del a Cruz

Cruz is brave and loves baseball.He looks on the bright side when everyone is down. Also he is determind and weird even excited.He never give up like my friend Emma.She give it her best.

How has Tom change

I think Tom has change in word because he was shy and did not talk a lot he was nice and yet brave and confident.He wanted to save the town and he did.After Doc died he thought he going to speak out and talk on that day.


I think Cruz is the hero even though he left before the big game.He told them about the hitsim he also said he wants run away because he is nervous and think he has done enough for them. Every one practice in the liberay every day .He all was on the postive side.


It was when Del Gato knows Tom's mom and I thought they were brother and sister but it turns out that Del Gato saved Tom's mom when it was raining outside.