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Monthly team celebrations and news from the north west.

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Top Tip - make the most of Father's Day

Celebrate your father figure with a little help from our thoughtful gift guide, so you can really show him how much he means.

Reach out to all the mums, chat to the kids - and suggest a little Temple Spa treat for him. We will even throw in a free 'Go Guy' one-to-one skin therapy class & facial (courtesy of you - of course)!

For all the late night ‘chauffeur’ pick ups and weekends driving from one activity to the next, for all the magical memories created and shared, for all the skills he’s helped you learn, for all he’s helped you become. We have gifts for every one!

Top of Sales - Kath Hamer

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Over £1500 sales and has recruited her first team member!!!!!

The Dream Team

May has been an incredible month for our team. There can be a tendency (after a good month) to rest on our laurels... But it would be a shame to let the momentum go - it's so much easier to continue to peddle than start riding a bike from scratch – so let's stay on the bikes! Book classes, sponsor and continue to offer free facials and one-to-ones with everyone we meet.

I'd love us all to have qualified by 12 June (£175 sales each) and then we can build from there.

How to promote to Senior Lifestyle Consultant...

It's super easy! Just sell £4,000 in 4 calendar months and you become Senior Lifestyle Consultant. Head office will send you some professionally-designed business cards with your new job title on.

What happens if you sell £4,000 across 3 months or sooner? You promote sooner of course.

How do I become a Manager?

Recruit 6 people and ensure they all qualify (ie sell £175 in a calendar month) . Your team sales: ie between all of you, should be £5,000 in one calendar month. Hey presto you're a manager.

Celebrities sell!

Share some of our celebrity stories - at your classes, on social media, and by messaging customers.

Christmas Hampers have started - June, July, August

Every Christmas, Temple Spa launch some amazing gifts for the festive season. They sell like hot cakes. There are 13 gifts. Here is how you can earn them absolutely FREE.

For every £1 you sell, during June, July and August you receive 1 point tpwards . Sell £500 get 500 points. Sponsor one person in to the business - get 500 points.

What do points make? Prizes.

There are seven levels of prizes.

Level 1 is 750 points = three hamper gifts

Level 2 is 1,000 points = four gifts

Level 3 is 1,500 points= six gifts

Level 4 is 2,000 points = seven gifts

Level 5 is 3,000 points= nine gift

Level 6 is 4,000 = eleven gifts

Level 7 is 5,000 points = thirteen gifts

Treat club

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Every month starting from June, if you achieve £1000 of sales, you can earn a sample buy in.

You’ll be sent a link to order a pack of 24 Temple Spa samples costing £25 including free delivery (worth around £100) . The link will be issued 1 July.

Truffleixir serum - new host gift coming soon!

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Trufflelixir treats skin at cell renewal and epidermal level – to smooth, firm,and lift.

The 30ml full size is £75 - or get for free when you host a class (buy 3 x 10ml travel size = £45 save £30)

Travel size 10ml is just £15 – instead of £45 (a great gift for Father's day dads who want a youthful look). It's also great for travelling and for your gym bag!

The Treat size 3ml. Worth £7.40. Pay £4.50. Save £3.

There's something for absolutely everyone to be able to afford.

Half price for your holidays! SPF 30 award-winning moisturiser

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Get Life Defence at half price. with a £65 spend. JUST £19 Instead of £38.

Mhari Oakes - Regional Business Manager at Temple Spa, as seen in Harrods, Harley Street clinics and in over 100 luxury spas of the world!

Your manager - here to help motivate, inspire, support you and make work fun!