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Week of March 30, 2015

Thoughts for the Week

We have a week to go before a break for our students. There will be a lot of testing this week, so please have your students be extra careful this week.

A couple of reminders from the past couple of week faculty meetings:
- We are working on using the safe spot, proactively, just for break taking, and as inconspicuously as possible.
- We are trying to use buddy classrooms and safe spots proactively.
- We are all finding a buddy to reflect on our RC practices and changes we are making.

As for Friday's announcement - I know that you will all reflect carefully and make the best decision possible. In the meantime, we should try and give the students what they'll need: a sense of stability. For the younger students, you may not need to say anything. For older students who may have had their parents share some news with them, it will be important to stress the positive for next year, and bring their focus back to this year.
If you have any individual questions, please see me.

Have a great week!

Shout Outs

PLCs - for some very good conversations lately.

Kristie and Jean - for putting together a great field trip and concert experience. These are important opportunities for our students!

All of you - for the countless hours and effort that you have already given to our students.


April 3rd is now a teaching day, not a work day.

Report Card timeline:
April 3 - End of Quarter
April 4-12 Spring Break
April 16 - Due to me
April 17 - Edits to you
April 20 - Print
April 21 - Go Home

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