Manuela Giraldo 8D

1.Why is it important to recycle?

For me is very important because if we don't do that all of us can die, we need to take responsibility of our home if we don't recycle we cant create new products,we create new jobs like the people that take garbage away and then they separate, too we make in a little job to take the planet get lower contamination, it help to don't get a change in the climate.

2.Whats is recycling greatest economic benefit?

The people create a job or industry were are a lot of place to work and this benefit to some social group in a economic way.with the process of recycling we can save money with all the example can be when we recycle the paper that we took from the trees.

3.What are the environmental benefits of recycling?

All are very important one is that we can save energy,how i said before it get lower contamination,too it can save natural resources because when we recycle we are saving using things so we don't have to do more things but the same way we continue doing,it get that the climate don't change a lot like is happening with global warning.
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4 question

I learn that all the people try to help with recycling each one do a little job that next come so big and they can see the good they are doing to his city.the teach others to do because it helps all,they try to do the best they can to get a better place to live,if we do that we can get a better place for all.