KCMS Cheerleading

2014-2015 School Year

About Us!

This is our second year being a successful cheerleading squad!

Our coaches are- Mrs. Markosian, Ms. Crossey and Mrs. Pulchlopek

Last year, we cheered at all of the home basketball games (girls and boys) and showcased our talents in front of the whole school at our in-school PBIS events!

Our Cheerleading team helps raise school sprit while being role models by displaying exemplary behavior and acceptable grades.

Things Needed by First Practice

The Girls need the following List of things by the FIRST PRACTICE in order qualify for our program
  • Doctor's Physical (For this school year- All 6th graders must have it by this practice)
  • Signed forms
  • Concussion Form
  • $25.00 Cash
  • White Shirt & Black Shorts
  • Sneakers
(preferably white with minimal treads- they will need all white sneakers by 10/ /14)

About Tryouts!

Why Tryouts?

Last year, we had an outstanding turnout of girls wanting to join the squad. Originally, we had 37 girls on the team! Only 3 of the girls were 8th graders who moved on to High School.

This year, we are setting a realistic number of 25 girls who will be cheerleaders. We would love to accept everyone, but for safety precautions, this number has to be limited. We will be preforming stunts and tumbles, so it is important for the girls to get proper training and supervision (with too many girls, this just is not possible).

We are having every girl tryout (even if they were on the team last year) in order for it to be fair for all. However, tryouts may not be necessary, especially if proper materials are not collected at first practice (dismissed from tryouts).

How Tryouts Will Work

There will be one week of practices (Tuesday 10/ /14 and Thursday 10/ /14) before tryouts so the girls will know what is expected.

They can also view the videos on this page to prepare.

At Tryouts, the girls will be given a number and asked to preform a series of tasks:

  • A toe-touch jump
  • A herki jump
  • 2 Cheers
  • a short routine taught to them at the first practices

Use the Following Videos to Prepare for the Cheer Season and Tryouts