The new rulers or not?

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missile may or may not be dangerous

the U.N think the that the missiles in north korea cant reach the U.S but I think it can cuz i they have the technology to do so in my truthful opion

the army

north korea army is one of the best orgnized army in the world they have leader thats a powerful man his name was kim-jong il he die in december 17 2011

what the US thinks about north korea

north korea is a powerful nation they have the army they have the misslies they can TRY to take over but in my truthful thought is that they can they already have china so we MAY or MAY not have a WW3

what the people think

when the people herd about the north krorea misslies crisis they were shocked that the had misslies we thought that the were capable of starting a war with the US we were preped for the misslie attack but we got info that there misslies couldent reach the US it could only reach a US camp


North Korea is a comienest nation they hated the US for the longest time they even made posters of them DISTROYING amarica

even the people?

the people of north korea hate america the say that there more reliable and more organize then use maybe thats true maybe there more organized the america cuz they have farms and more jobs for people in north korea  

kim-jong un

kim-jong un is the son of kim-jong li he is the new and office leader of north korea  

prison camps?

they had rumors that they have prison camps in north korea they said they have prison camps because the people diobade there government

the evil the north koreans did

north korea have prison camps cuz people have diffrent belefs in political rights so kim-jong il made these camps to show that he is the one with power not the people

the link above and below will show you info about whats going on in north korea