LISD Technology Notice

A Message from Desktop Management

OS X Mavericks Upgrade - Now Available !

LISD Tech Services has been hard at work preparing for a district wide upgrade of the operating system for your MacBook laptops, OS X Mavericks. This upgrade is now available for install on your machine!

Before Beginning

Your machine will be unusable during the upgrade process. It takes about 45 minutes. We suggest you upgrade during your planning period or lunch, if possible, so support is available. Otherwise, feel free to upgrade after hours so it does not impact instruction in your classroom.

What to Do

Reminder! Always backup vital information before beginning the upgrade process!

To backup your device, follow instructions found on Apple's website on the various methods for backing up information on your machine. Please use the link below.

1. Plug your machine into a power source.
2. Login on your machine using your district network login and password.
3. Click on the LISD OS X Installer icon in your LaunchPad.
4. Carefully read and follow all prompts and instructions.

What to Expect

There are some general issues that you will need to be aware of when you finish the upgrade of your machine. Please read below very carefully.

  • You may be asked to put in your Apple ID & Password. Please have this information ready.
  • You may be required to update many of the software titles that currently run on your computer. Technology will "push" some of these out automatically, others you will need to upgrade on your own. Contact Helpdesk @ 972-350-1833 for assistance or information on software updates.
  • We have found that the Smart Notebook software is a required update when you are done with the upgrade to OS X Mavericks. If you need help, please refer to our knowledgebase article Upgrading Smart Notebook on Mac linked below.
  • You may need to reset mirroring options if you use a projector. If you need help, please follow directions in the How to connect and setup a Projector to a MacBook article linked below.

When You're Done

OS X Mavericks offers over 200 new features. You can learn about all of them by visiting the link located below to Apple's website for OS X Mavericks.

Other things you may notice:
  • No more 'Red Dot' on the login screen. Apple was kind enough to remove this, but testing has not shown improvement in login times. You are still "waiting on the red dot" even if it is not visible.
  • Your machine will now automatically connect to the LISD wireless network. OS X Mavericks contains a fix for the wireless connectivity issues we were experiencing on OS X Mountain Lion.

If you experience any issues, your technician is scheduled to be on-site and monitoring work orders. As always, feel free to contact the LISD Technology Helpdesk. All contact information can be found at the bottom of this notice.