Second Grade News You Can Use

January 5-8, 2016

A Note From Mrs. Graham

I just love new beginnings. We have clean desks, floors, and folders. We have talked about new personal goals like brushing our teeth better (Caleigh, Jordan, and Jayla), keeping our rooms clean (Conner, Mrs. Graham) and reading more (Nathanael and Addison). There were many other wonderfully thoughtful goals written today in our journals, as well. We brainstormed, wrote, and discussed our goals for 2016 right before lunch today. The children and I also met for short individual meetings about our new AR goals for this nine weeks. The new AR goals are written in your child's planner. If I increased the point goal, I did not increase the book level goal very much. Please check out those goals tonight and use the cold, winter months to cuddle up with your child and a good book.
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Important Dates

January 6-Report Cards Come Home

January 15-Honor's Chapel

January 18-MLK Day-No School

January 29-Celebrating 100th Day (Be prepared to make a shirt with 100 items on it to wear that day. Be creative, but do NOT spend a lot of money or time on this. Also, start a collection of 100 small things to bring in to share and count that day.)


Text: Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann (Humorous Fiction) and Safety at Home (Reader's Theater)

Essential Question: Why is it important to follow safety rules?

High Frequency Words: after, book, care, ever, live, new, off, over, small, thought

(These words should be read on sight. If your child struggles with any of these words, make flash cards to practice until mastery.)

Target Vocabulary: obeys, safety, attention, buddy, station, speech, shocked, enormous

We will start having vocabulary tests this nine weeks.

Grammar: Abbreviations

Comprehension Target Skill: Cause/Effect and Humor


We will be adding three and four digit numbers, reviewing addition, and taking the Chapter 4 test on Monday, January 11.


New list words: Compound Words

cannot, pancake, maybe, baseball, playground, someone, myself, classroom, sunshine, outside, upon, nothing

Challenge Words: nobody, everywhere

Social Studies

Maps and Globes: Students will learn the purposes of and the differences between maps and globes. They will locate various places on a globe.

Using Maps: Students will learn about types of maps. They will also identify various locations in North America.


Students will investigate the positions of the moon and recognize its different shapes. They will describe stars in terms of brightness, size, and patterns. They will also relate the length of day and night to changes in seasons.