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  • Oligarchy
  • 28 member council of elders limited the kings powers.
  • Two kings ruled the city.


  • Focused upon their military
  • Based on the Constitution
  • Ruled by a mixed state of government
  • Infants to weak or sick were abandoned on the country side to die
  • 7 year old males get taken away from their mothers
  • The 7 year olds go and live in special military barracks for 23 years
  • A Spartan soldier were allowed to marry but couldn't live with their wives
  • Common foods were meat and fish
  • Honey, milk, cheese, bread, figs and wine were also common foods
  • Fresh fruit grew very well in the warm weather so they had a variety of that
  • Believed in gods/ goddesses


  • The Spartan Barracks- This is where a Spartan warrior would live
  • The ancient theatre- The largest in Ancient Greece seating over 15,000 Spartans
  • The Helot property- The Spartan Helot's homes


  • Messenian War- Sparta began colonizing at the coast of Messene in the eight century B.C. and came in conflict with the chief town of the region.
  • Battle of Salamis- Fought B.C. 595, between Athens, under Solon, and Cyrran for control of the Island of Salamis.

5 interesting facts

  • One of the key states in Ancient Greece
  • Also know as Lacedaemon
  • Only spartans who died in battle or women who died in childbirth got an engraved stone
  • Shortly after birth the babies were bathed in wine
  • Spartan women had more power than women in other Greek city- states
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