Rock Islands Southern Lagoon

By:Briana Vasquez-Peragine

About Palau

Palau is a group of hundreds of islands. It is located about 400 miles east of the Philippines. The capital of Palau is Melekeok. Palauan is the nationality of Palau. Babeldaob is the biggest island in Palau.


The weather is hot and humid. Because it rains a lot, Palau has good soil to farm. At 4:00 am (in palau) on January 18th the temperature was 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 Celsius). Usually there are many thunderstorms in June. February and March are the driest months of the year in Palau.

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Rock islands contains over 746 different types of animals. 13 species of sharks, 7 species of giant clam and many more. They also contain many birds and mammals in the forest. Most households raise pigs and chickens.

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Why is UNESCO protecting this site??

Rock Islands has over over 52 marine lakes and many reefs, coves, caves, tunnels etc. They contains more marine lakes than any other site in the world. They also have a lot of abandoned villages, rock art, old stonework and more. Rock islands still contains the remains of human settlement.

The Lakes

Spooky lake is a darkish green and red colored lake. It has a huge population of alligators. Another lake is Jellyfish lake, Jellyfish lake contains different types of jellyfish, although they aren’t harmful some saltwater alligators can be a threat.

Facts about Rock Islands

Rock Islands are mushroom shaped islands in blue lagoons surrounded by coral reefs. The population is 21,000. It is a mixed site. In Palau the time is 14 hours ahead then Connecticut. This site was added on the UNESCO list in 2012. Palau has many types of sting less jellyfish only in Palau


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