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February 1, 2016

Update on SBMS Virtual School

This week, we are offering an opportunity for 4 people (ANY GRADE, ANY SUBJECT) to create an online curriculum for our students. We will pay a $1,200 stipend per person for this semester. The requirements are: Create 3 online lessons each week, Implement the lessons in your current class, share with other staff, teach at SBMS in 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, be licensed in the area you write curriculum for. You will work closely with Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Childress to create this online environment. Some after school meetings will be required. We will continue this in the fall of 2016-2017 school year with an additional $1,200 stipend. We are using at risk funds for this. If you are interested, here is the online application.

Happy School Counselor Week

This week is National School Counselor Week! We are very fortunate to have two of the best counselors!! Tiffany and Carrie do an amazing job working with the students and staff. Make sure you stop by sometime this week and celebrate all they do for us!


February 3 - Childress - Meeting at CO - 2:30-5:00

February 10 - SLT - 2:30

February 11 - Finland Partnership - Skype - Childress and Mitchell 7:30

February 12 - Planning Period Meeting- No IEP or conferences scheduled this day

February 16 - Department Chair meeting - Childress Office 2:30

February 24 - ERPD

Other Dates

February 2 - Math Counts - 12:30 - Clyde Erwin Elem,

February 3 - Rachel's Challenge - More info coming

February 5 - Talent Show

February 10 - Progress reports

February 12 - 6th grade dance - Relay for Life

February 15 - Student Day

April 28 - 8th Grade dance

May 11-13 - 8th Grade field trip


Feb. 2 - Basketball HOME vs SWMS - 4pm

Feb. 4 - Basketball AWAY vs DMS - 4pm

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